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When best friends Simone and weronika get a surprise about getting tickets to see one direction , two boys from the band instantly fall in love with them...


10. Chapter 9

Weronika's POV

We went over to the table we normally sit at break and lunch and sat down.


"I'm dead excited, I can't believe we are actually going to meet them!!" I said excitedly

"I know neither can i!!" Sim replied

"When we tell everyone they are gonna be soo jealous!!"

"I know!!" Sim laughed


We talked for a while longer when we saw our friend, Jenna walk up to us like she normally does (Jenna is really funny and crazy)!

"Hi Jenna!" Me and sim both said both at the same Time

"Helloooo!" Jenna replied in her most stupidest, squekiest voice

"Jenna.... Guess where me and sim are going in a month!?" I said


"ONE DIRECTION WHERE WE ARE TOUR 2014 CONCERT AND THE MEET AND GREET!!!" I yelled a bit too loud because everyone was staring at me.

"Ooooooo very nice!" She said sarcastically, Jenna didn't really like one direction so she wasn't really bothered.


Sorry about the short para write more soon !! Xxxxxxxxx


"Well, me and sim are REALLY excited!!" I said

"Yeah we are, I couldn't sleep last night!!" We all giggled

"Sim where is the concert anyway? cos I forgot to check on the ticket"

"Manchester, Ethiad Stadium!" Sim said excitedly

"Oh right!!" I said

We all talked for a bit but then the Bell rang

"See you at break roni and Jenna!!" Sim said

Yeah, see you then!" I replied

"Bye Jenna!" Me and sim both said

"Byeeee!" She replied

I made my way to form, me and sim weren't in the same form unfortunately.I went in and saw my form teacher sitting by her desk on her computer checking something, and I went over to my place and sat next to my friends- Celeste, Aimee and Madison.

"Hi!" I said

"Hey!" All of them said

"You seem excited !!!" Aimee said

"Yeah, yesterday I was at my best friends house and we had a surprise off her mum and my dad and they got us tickets to see one direction front row!! And the meet and greet and it's in Manchester, Ethiad stadium , were going in a month on 31st May and were really exci- Aimee cut me off

"OMG really?" She asked

"Yeah!!!" I replied

"You are SO lucky!!!" Madison said

"Thanks!" I giggled

"Cool" Celeste said , she didn't like one direction so she wasn't bothered ! Madison and Aimee just sat there a bit shocked while my form teacher , Mrs Beattie did the register

"Aimee?" Mrs Beattie asked looking up at Aimee

"H-here m-miss" she stuttered, she was still so shocked

"Aimee, are you okay?" Mrs Beattie asked

"Y-yeah miss.. I'm f-fine

"Are you sure? You seem a bit pale?"

"Yes,I'll be fine miss"

"Okay" mrs Beattie said

"Madison?" Mrs Beattie carried on with the register

"Yes miss!" Madison wasn't as shocked as Aimee was!



Simone's POV

I went to my form class which was on the second floor in st.Mark (our school has different chapters- St.mark, st.luke, st.john and st.matthew) roni's form was in st.john. i made my way to the door and opened it, i went to sit in my place by my friends: Sophie,Larissa,William(will),Connor,Tarran and Kyle. 

"hi simmy!!" Larissa said

"Someone seems happy!!" Sophie says 

"Yes!!! i am cos yesterday me and roni were at my house and we had a surprise about one direction.....IM GOING TO THEIR CONCERT AND MEET AND GREET!!

"yeah right!" kyle said 

"i actually am!" i said proving it by taking the ticket out my bag(i took it to school to show people)

"fine, i believe you but i HATE one direction so yeah.."

OMG OMG OMG WHAT??!!" Larissa said shocked 

"im going to a one direction concert and meet and greet on the 31st may in Manchesterr!!" i said back to her

"Im SOOO jealous right now!!" she replied


"well thats cool, and im going to the overload meet and greet!!" sophie said showing off about it

i don't even know who overload are! i said in my head

"ermm.... cool!" i said trying to sound excited 

Mrs.morris started to do the register


"Here miss!!" I said


"Yes miss!"




"Here miss...."

"Larissa do you need to get a drink or something because you seem a bit pale? Do you feel ill?"

"E-ermm I will b-be okay miss"

"Ok but if you feel ill tell your teacher"

"Okay" Larissa said



Mrs.morris finished the register and told us we can go to our first Lesson, I looked at my timetable


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