One thing <3 x

When best friends Simone and weronika get a surprise about getting tickets to see one direction , two boys from the band instantly fall in love with them...


8. Chapter 7

Simone's POV


My alarm clock was beeping, I looked over at it, it said 6:00 I moaned , I hated getting up in the morning I just felt like staying in my warm cosy bed but it was Friday and I was going Roni's after school so it was worth it. I saw my mum in the kitchen making some toast

"Morning sim!"

"Morning mum !!"

"Want any toast?" She asked me

"Yeah !" I replied

She made me some toast and once I ate it I brushed my teeth , got dressed , quickly did my hair in a messy bun and applied a bit of mascara finally I was ready for school

"Oh mum I'm going Roni's today after school and Chris said he'd drop me off after at about 5:30 is that okay?"

"Yeah that's fine!" She replied

"Thanks mum your the best!!" I yelled as I went over to open the door

I grabbed my bag and set off for school


Weronika's POV

I hate getting up in the Mornings I moaned and I got out of my warm bed I'd rather just stay in bed all day!But at least I had something to be happy and excited about .. MEETING ONE DIRECTION!!! And plus it was Friday






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