One thing <3 x

When best friends Simone and weronika get a surprise about getting tickets to see one direction , two boys from the band instantly fall in love with them...


6. Chapter 5

Weronika's POV


"Dad, is it okay if sim comes to ours after school tomorrow to talk about everything and plan!!!?" I asked my dad

"Sure thing!" He replied

"Thanks dad!!" I said

"I CANT WAIT RON!!!" Sim yelled at me

"Neither can I!" I yelled back to her we both laughed so everybody joined In

So once everyone talked for a while longer it was time for me and my dad to go home

"See you tomorrow sim" I said

"Yeah see you after school, then we can walk up to yours!"

"Okay see you then!"

Once we said our goodbyes me and my dad climbed in the car and drove home.

"Did mum know about this too?" I asked

"She did!!" He replied laughing at me

"I had a feeling you were hiding something!!"

"So you exited?" He asked

YES!! I mean mine and sims dream will finally come true and.. We always wanted to go there meet and greet!! And that means we get to see them in real life and they are standing right in front of you!!! And you get to hug them!! Because when you get to the room they meet you in they see you and they automatically give you a hug which is sweet !! And I've always wanted a hug of louis !! So that will be amazing and then you get two pictures with them !!" I told him nearly out of breath

"OKAY calm down I can see your exited.. So after the meet and greet is it the concert??" He asked

"Yeah it is and we have front row right?" I asked

Yep!" He replied

"Dad you paid so much for this .. Thank you so much!"






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