One thing <3 x

When best friends Simone and weronika get a surprise about getting tickets to see one direction , two boys from the band instantly fall in love with them...


12. Chapter 11

When we arrived at Roni's house she opened the door and went in so I followed her!

"Where shall I put my bag?" I asked

"Just anywhere man!!"

"Okay.." I said

"Let's go up to my room to plan!!!"

"Yeah good idea!!" I said

"Soo.. We need to plan..plan and PLAN!!" Roni said

"Okay so we ne- roni what are you looking in your wardrobe we need to plan stuff!!!" I said

"Sim sim sim... I NEED to pick the MOST perfect outfit EVER after all we are gonna be front row and they are gonna look at us right?" Roni said

"Fineee, I guess I've got the brains and you've got the looks!!!" I said

"EXACTLY .. Now tell me what you think of this?" Roni said picking an outfit from her wardrobe

"That's nice!" I said

"Nice.. That's all you have to say.. I told you it need to be perfect !!!!!"

"Okay well pick another one out!"

She picked about 10 different outfits out but then roni shouted


"Wow... Now that's perfect!!" I said

"Do you like it?" She asked

"I love it!!"

She picked out black leggings and a black and white one direction top with a picture saying midnight memories and their signatures but they just printed out.

"I'm SOOO wearing this to the concert anyways let's plan!!!" Roni said

"Okay so first of all I'm waking up at 5:30 in the morning on the day !"

"Me too but I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep all night!!" Roni giggled

"Well you'll have to!!"

"Okay so the day we got our tickets your dad said that you and him are gonna pick me and my mum up from my house at 8:00"

"Yep!" Roni said

"And when we get to Manchester we are gonna go to McDonald's to get something to eat so were not hungry during the concert!!!" I said

"Great idea sim!!" Roni said

"And then we make our way to Ethiad stadium and there will be loads of queues and people there but we get to go in before them because we have the VIP tickets and we are going to the meet and greet!!!" I said

"I can't wait!!!!!" Roni shouted

"Me toooo!" I shouted back

"Okay soooo what are you wearing??" Roni asked me

"I have no idea!!" I said

"Wear something nice!!"

"Noooo neverr I'm gonna wear something horrible!!!" I said and roni laughed her head off

Weronika POV

When and sim finally shut up laughing we heard the door open and footsteps coming up the stairs and then my bedroom door opened and it was my dad coming back from work

Weronika's POV

"Hi girls!" My dad said

"Hi!" Me and sim said at the same time

"Well I can see your planning your concert so I won't disturb you!!!" So my dad shut the door

"Bye!" Me and sim laughed again

"Okay one last thing we need to sort out" sim said

"What?" I asked curiously

"You know when we get two pictures with them?"


"Well I was thinking the first picture will be a normal one where we are just standing in a line and the second one will be a funny or cute one!!!"

"Yes!!!!" I said excitedly

"But we need to think of the poses!!"

"Okay so what about you going on zayns back?" I asked

"Too plain!"

"Well I'm going to ask louis if he can pick me up bridal style and kiss me on the cheek!!" I said

"Okay I think I'm going to ask zayn If he can look like he's proposing to me!!!"

"Okay well that's sorted!!" I giggled

~1 hour later~

"Girls it's time for sim to go home!!" My dad shouted from downstairs

"Coming!!" I shouted back, me and sim got our shoes and we went downstairs.we stepped outside and climbed in the car , during the car ride me and sim just talked about one direction!!

"We are here sim!" My dad said

"Thanks for the car ride Chris and see you on Monday at school roni!!" Sim said


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