One thing <3 x

When best friends Simone and weronika get a surprise about getting tickets to see one direction , two boys from the band instantly fall in love with them...


11. Chapter 10

"French!" I moaned

"I hate frenchhh!!" I said to Sophie

"Same!" She said

We made our way to French and lined up by the door. My French teacher: dr.Laraba, told us we can go In and sit in our places so we went it.

Weronika's POV

Mrs Beattie finally let us go for first period, I got off my chair, looked on my timetable : Maths

"Noooo not maths!" I said quietly to myself

While I was walking I saw jenna we were in the same maths class so I walked up to her.

"Hi Jenna!!"

"Hello babyyyy!!" She said (she always says that!!)

We made our way to maths got in class and sat I'm our places.

~skip first and second period~

"Finally, break !!!" I say to myself with a sigh of relief, I ran downstairs to the bottom floor where the tables and canteen were and saw sim, Jenna and all our other mates at the table were normally on I walked over to them and sat down.

"Hi guys!" I said

"Heyy!" Sim said

"I'm getting more and more excited every time I just think about the concert!!"

"I know so do i I CANNOT wait!!!" Sim said

"Eeeeeekkk!! It's going to be amazing!!"

"Can you two for once please stop talking about one flipping direction!!!!" Jenna moaned

"Calm down man, me and sim are just really exited!!!" I said

"Yeah, and we can't not talk about it!!!!" Sim said

Jenna was about to say something but then the bell rang for third period.

"That was quick!!" I said

"I know yeah!! Anyways I'll see you at lunch roni!!" Sim said

"Yeah ok see you!!!"

Everyone left the table and set off for third period, so I set off to geography!

"I hate geography soo much!" I said to myself and walked to my classroom

~skip third and fourth period~

I walked out of class ... It was SOOOO boring (as always)!! And again made my way to the canteen and sat down in our table. Jenna was the first one at the table

"Hi jen!!" I said

"Hey!!" She said

"Where are the others?"

"Not here yet!"

"Sims probably got detention!!" I said


Then one of our other mates (Aileen) came to us and sat down

"Hi Aileen!" Me and Jenna said

"Hiya!" She answered

"Have you seen sim?"

"She's got detention cause she didn't do her homework!"

"Thought so!!"

"Well we will just have to eat without her then!!" Jenna said

"Guess we will have to!!" I said

~End of the day~

I walked out of my last class : Spanish, and went to find sim cause she was coming mine today. I went down the stairs and made my way to the other set of stairs where sim said she'd meet me, I looked around for her and just out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl with bleach blonde hair , and it was sim so I ran over to her.

Simone's POV

After class finished I went down the stairs to meet weronika because I was going hers today so I searched for her and there she was running in my direction !

"Heyy SIMMM ready to partaaaaaaay!!" She said

"Ermm.. I thought we were going yours to plan our concert!" I laughed and then roni started laughing her head off (roni is a BIG laugh allot, she laughs even at the word 'tree' !!)

"Anyways let's get going!" Roni said out of breath

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