The Donation

One day Ally Moore was watching the British show Surprise Surprise when a little boy nearly dies because of only one kidney , only a man donated his. Ally is determined to donate hers so she does but when it turns out that she donated her kidney to a certain boy out of a famous boy band , her world is turned up side down, she falls in love and life is never the same . Find out what happens in The Donation ................


1. Before We Start

Right before I start this fan fiction I just want to say I am a 14 year old girl , everything will not be perfect, obviously. This is my first Fan Fiction so it will not be good you may not like this but too bad this is my story!! And I want to say I am IRISH so some of you's won't like the words I use ! I talk like Niall, the same words .

Please do not write horrible comments saying you don't like it , you don't have to read it! I will write this my way but you's obviously you's can help. This is my first story on this so please don't go hard and I'm sorry for going on a big rant!

I love every single one of you who reads this!!!

I give you...........*drumroll* The Donation!!!

Lots of Love

-Lauren xxx

P.S Please Vote please it makes me keep writing xxx

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