The Donation

One day Ally Moore was watching the British show Surprise Surprise when a little boy nearly dies because of only one kidney , only a man donated his. Ally is determined to donate hers so she does but when it turns out that she donated her kidney to a certain boy out of a famous boy band , her world is turned up side down, she falls in love and life is never the same . Find out what happens in The Donation ................


7. [6] Midnight Feast

Chapter 6 - Midnight Feasts

A loud snoring woke me up. I looked up to Liam softly snoring lying with his legs on Louis' lap and head on Zayn's. Jessica asleep on Harry's shoulder.

I looked to Niall who was still lying on his stomach. I noticed his eyes were open.

"Hi"I said quietly.

He jumped not expecting me to be awake, "Oh hey, didn't think you were awake".

I smiled but then remembered something,"I'm probably never going to see you again after tonight so can I get a picture ?" I asked laughing.

"Yeah sure" he said laughing at me. We sat up , I picked up my phone beside me were I last left it and opened the camera app. We did a smiling one , then I pouted in the next one , then we stuck out our tongues. The next one just as I was about to take the picture , Niall leaned over and kissed my check. When my phone took the picture the flash went off making my eyes looking bright and cheery with a look of complete shock on my face.

"I'm liking that one" he said pointing at the screen.

"Me too" I agreed.

"I'm hungry!"Niall suddenly whined" I haven't ate since KFC and that was when? " he said looking at my phone, the time read 2:46am.

"Shit we fell asleep for that long!" I whisper shouted.

"Might aswell stay the night , no point in waking up Jessica" he said calming me down .

"If that's ok with you?" I asked.

"It's fine" he reassured me,"now let's go get some food!" He said scrambling to the direction that obviously was the kitchen.

"Do you know how to cook?" He asked him walking into the kitchen, me following.

"Yeah if you want your flat burned down" I said laughing.

"Right we just have to improvise, grab anything that looks nice" he said opening presses and the fridge.

I opened a press taking out chocolate spread, Walkers and Kimberly Micados . I then went to another press and took out some grated cheese, a giant packet of Chile Doritos and a packet of Kinder Bueno's. I turned around to Niall who had a giant Coke and a lot of other foods , he also had some cups and Skittles.

We smiled when we saw each other with all the food, "Midnight Feast" he exclaimed. We ran back out to our spot where I fell asleep on the ground. Niall dropped the food, " Wait here!" He said running out of the room.

He came back with a load of big cushions we sat on them and surround our selfs with them.

"I hate when people are like"Eating in the night is bad for you, then why is there a light in the fridge?" I said laughing quietly.

"That's so bleeding true" he said laughing. We ate a lot and I don't mean some of it I mean like one thing was left in the end. There was only one thing left the giant bottle of Coke, I twisted the kid to open it but what I didn't realise that from Niall dropping it on the ground that time to go grap the cushions he made it all fizz up. A loud squeak came from me as the Come went all over my dress.

"Fuck" I cursed.

"Holy Mary Mother of God!" Niall squealed.

"That was your fault" I said laughing .

"Don't you dare even blame me on that" he laughed," come on you can't stay in that" he said hopping up. He didn't wait for me so I just followed. He led me down a hall and opened a door, from what I could see , it looked like a bedroom, his bedroom. He walked over to a chest of drawers and opened it, he pulled out a plain Black T-shirt and a pair of grey track suit bottoms. He handed me them and pointed to a door in his room," you can get changed in my bathroom if you like?"

"Yeah sure" I said walking across his room passing him. He whispered something which sounded a lot like "Or you could get changed her" I turned around and stuck out my tongue, he just had a grin on his face.

When I walked into his bathroom I had to Fangirl a bit, c'mon who wouldn't? I was in THEE Niall Horan's house with Niall standing a few yards away through the door and I was just about to put his clothes on. I bet I looked like a retarded seal , but I didn't care. I stripped off the sticky dress and put on the clean black T-shirt. It smelt gorgeous, just like how he smelled. It was too big for me and came just past my arse. I put on the track suit bottoms but they were too big for me and kept falling down. I pulled the strings and put a knot in them, they didn't fall but they wouldn't last.

I looked at my self in the mirror, I tired to fix my hair but that wasn't happening , so I tied it up in a pony tail. I opened the door to see Niall look up and smile "Let's get Crack'a'lackin" we walked out into the sitting room. I folded my dress and put it on the little coffee table .

"How do you want to sleep" he asked yawning. Next to you, I said in my head , but I obviously didn't say it out loud.

"I don't mind, we just sleep on the ground with the cushions and get a blanket?" I asked.

Niall walked to the back of the Sofa and pulled of a throw. I lay down with one of the cushions under my head, Niall doing the same beside me. I don't know how the rest didn't wake up with the amount of notice we were making. He pulled the throw over both of us, making me shiver at the breeze.

"Ally?" He asked quietly.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"Can I ask you a serious question?" He said looking at me.

"Yeah" I answered.

"Are you sure?"




"Absolutely Positively sure?"

"Niall just ask the poxy question!" I said laughing.

"Is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit?" He said laughing.

"Are you for real?" I said laughing,"I thought something was wrong "

"Night Ally"

"Night Niall"


Ok I wrote this in like 20 minutes I am god 😂 I hope you like it! DID ANYBODY SEE THE 5SOS TWITCAM? And Niall as a horse? No? Just me? Ok then😂❤️


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