The Donation

One day Ally Moore was watching the British show Surprise Surprise when a little boy nearly dies because of only one kidney , only a man donated his. Ally is determined to donate hers so she does but when it turns out that she donated her kidney to a certain boy out of a famous boy band , her world is turned up side down, she falls in love and life is never the same . Find out what happens in The Donation ................


6. [5] Head Banging

Chapter 5 - Head Banging


"Shhh it's ok babe ,what's wrong ?" An Irish voice said close to me. I looked to where the voice was coming from. Niall rubbed his thumb over my hand , which I only realised he was holding.

"Oh sorry was just a dream...about a truck .....sorry I thought we were going to die"

"You ok?" Louis asked , from the front seat keeping his eyes glued to the road.

"Yeah I'm fine now ,just a dream, we nearly there?" I asked. Louis pulled up outside KFC answering my question. We all hopped out of the car walking into KFC, the others were already there. Harry and Jessica in deep conversation.

When everybody had their food ordered and were sitting down at the tables, Louis asked a question "How come you and Niall are both from Ireland but you's don't talk the same ?".

"Because Niall's a culchie " I said smiling.

"I am not !" He defending himself, crossing his arms over his chest like a 5 year old.

"Yeah ye are , your a redneck and you talk like this" I said copying Niall's accent.

"Well at least I'm not a common Dublinor,common as muck" he said jokingly. Oh he did so not just go there! Everybody looked at us with confusion not following the Irish slang.

"Get your banana's two for a eura'" he said slagging me.

"I don't sound like that!" I protested,"I'm not a dealer off Moore Street!" Niall laughed.

"What are you's even talking about?" Zayn asked confused as was everybody else except Jessica who was used to my talk.

"Nothing you wouldn't understand " Niall answered.

"Could you's like speak Irish to each other?" Liam asked.

"I was never good at Irish in school" I said.

"Either was I " agreed Niall.

"Try!" Harry encouraged.

"Cad é an craic leat Niall?" I asked meaning 'What's the craic with ye Niall?'

He smiled "Hey that's my Catchphrase ! Here on three scream so we can scare the boys" he said in Irish,"Ok 1,2,3"


Louis ran away screaming his lungs out. Harry was overhung his ears and the rest were shouting things at us like "YOUR SO LOUD!".

Zayn screamed"FUCK SAKE THAT WAS FUCKING LOUD" I looked towards him and burst out laughing," What?" He asked innocently.

"Sorry your usually quiet and you just burst out cursing , it's funny" I said. Nobody was around to hear Zayn scream as it was really late an nobody was around except the people behind the counter.

"Hey I have an idea why don't you's come back to our apartments ? We can watch a movie or something?" Louis asked looking hopefully.

Me and Jessica looked at each other "Sure".

We pulled up to an apartment block and walked in with the boys.

"What apartment will we go to?"Harry asked.

"Mine" Niall said,"cos' I actually have food", I laughed.

Niall pulled out a key with a bunch of key rings on it. He opened the door and turned on the light,"Home Sweet Home".

Zayn ran through the sitting room leaving us all at the door," Where ye going mate?" Liam asked.

"To have a piss" he called back. I burst out laughing. We all walked into the sitting room, I took off my jacket and lay it against the back of the chair.

"Ok so what movie?"Harry asked.

"Girls don't you's dare pick a chick flick like Titanic"Louis said waggling his finger in our face as we sat down.

"I've never seen it" I said back to him.

"Ohhhh a girl that has never seen Titanic or any chick flicks what has this world come to?" Niall said holding his chest in mock hurt.

"Love Actually?" Harry asked.

"Never seen it " I answered.

"Dear John?"


"What else is there?"

"I don't know but can we watch somthing good?" I asked.

"Noooo" Louis said sarcastically.

"Shut your mouth ye cunt" I said smiling.

"Feisty much?" He said laughing.


We all sat around on Niall's couches ,there wasn't enough room so me and Niall ended up lying on the floor together side by side. I didn't get to watch the end of the film as I fell asleep whacking my head against the floor.


I know it's been ages but I'm not that motivated anymore because nobody's reading this😔 But any way there ye are.

~Lauren ❤️❤️❤️

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