my whole life has to be a maze,

there may have been a dead end where i turned.

but every time i got too close to that fire ,

you,d help me from getting burned .

i think i took you for granted,

and now god has told you soon you have to  leave.

i told you i would change,

you dont know who to belive.

but my life is like a trampoline,

i reach a high point then i fall.

it goes really really well,

and then comes the brick wall.

but i will give you something to be proud of ,

when your watching from above.

all i have right now,

is lots of care and lots of love.

i may have said,i hate you,

i didnt mean a word.

but you never believed me,

only what you heard.

you  pushed me away when i needed you most,

and that hurt me so bad.

i felt as if you didnt want me around,

it made me sad.

not seeing you now,

is hard enough.


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