Dark World

Savanna's world is turned upside down when she meets Kantia, a Dark World mage.


2. Dark World





Mother always told me there was a place other than our world. She always told me there was, somewhere out there, a world we aren’t able to slip our greedy human fingers on.

“And in that world, they are probably so much like us,” she once told me with a wide smile on her face. “And there might even be a nice little girl about your age, who’s hearing the same thing from her mom.”

I remember sitting next to her, amazed, eating up every word of it. My young mind soared with the millions of possibilities. 

“Really,” I giggled, trying to escape my mother’s active hands. Mother gently tickled my sides my neck, and I squealed, unable to stop her. 

This is how it’s been with us since forever. We can sit and talk all day, no matter what we were talking about.

Once we settled down, I lay my head in Mother’s lap and she smiled up at the stars.

“Mommy, is there really a girl like me somewhere we don’t know?” I asked, holding my small hands up at the sky.

“There sure is. But no one on earth knows where or who she is. Because if they did, then all they would want to do is control them and make them slaves.”

“That’s not nice,” a said harshly, sticking my tongue out. “I want her to be my friend.” I cuddle into my mother’s side and close my eyes.

“Well, not everyone is like my Savanna.”

When my mother died only seven months later, and not knowing what else to do with myself, I blamed her. I blamed everything that was going wrong with me on her. And I lost all belief in anything that I couldn’t see. I mean, what is anything that can’t be seen? NOTHING! 

Maybe I’m being a little harsh? Yeah, right. I’m just stating the facts here. But nothing prepared me for the mystery that awaited me in my room. I’m moving a little too fast here. Why don’t I slow down?

My name is Savanna Makaela Swann. I’m 15 and a sophomore in high school. I make decent grades, I guess. They could be better of course, but I try. I have one best friend, Conner. He’s a wicked scientific brainiac, and I love that dude with all my heart. 

Well, we’re at the mall talking about... well... I’m not exactly sure. But Conner was explaining something to me, which only made me even more confused. I watch as his eyes sparkle as he explains, throwing his hands every which way and gestures out his explanations.

“And then the sun and moon cross each other, that’s when the earth begins to --”

“Alright, Conner. That’s enough,” I said putting my hand up and laughing. “I don’t even remember how we started this conversation, dude.” Conner rose an eyebrow. He shook his head, grinning a little.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, Savannaswann,” Conner said, running my first and last name together in one word like he liked to do. 

“Yeah, and I don’t know what I’m going to do with you buddy.” We both laughed as we stood so we could leave. Conner saw me home, just like he does every night. Today was a little different though. We stood in an awkward silence at my front door. He seemed to want to say something, but not know exactly how to say whatever it was. At first I wait patiently , trying to let him put his thoughts together and tell me what ever it was. But after standing at the door for some time, I raise my eyebrow, anticipating his speech, and when there wasn’t one, I sighed.

“You ok, buddy?” I ask touching his shoulder lightly. Conner looked at my hand, and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I rose my eyebrow.

“Um, I just want to let you know I’m not convinced.” Conner looked up at me and plastered a goofy grin on his face, making me laugh hard. “Dude, you’ve got some serious issues.” After our laughter died down, I hugged Conner. I pulled him right into a bear hug, wrapping my small arms around his slenderly muscular ones. The boy’s a nerd, but he does keep his body up to par!

“Conner,” I began slowly. “You are the best friend a girl can have. You’re the best guy in this world, and I mean it. I can totally depend on you to listen to me act like a female about every little thing. You even still stand by me when I’m on the verge of destroying you during my period. You’re always there, and I know I can trust you. You’re an awesome guy, Conner. So thank you. Thank you for everything.”

“Hey, that’s what best friends are for, right Savannaswann?” Conner wrapped his arms tightly around me, sending his husky cologne whiffing in my nose. “Besides. You might end up crying if I weren’t.” I pulled away from Conner a narrowed my eyes at him. I smacked his shoulder, and he barked out a laugh.

“Gosh, Conner, you are such a guy!” I said, trying not to laugh. Conner gasped and pretended to look hurt.

“And here I thought you said I was the best, and now you say I’m ‘such a guy’?”

“That’s because you are. I’m going in now. Thanks for walking me home.”

“No problem.,” Conner said, grinning from ear to ear. “I’ll come get you tomorrow morning for school.”

“Alright, dude. See you then,” I said, smiling before turning to unlock the door.

Being the person he is, Conner didn’t leave until I looked out of my bedroom window to let him know I was safe. I waved, and he returned it, and walked over to is car and pulled off. 

Just as soon as he was gone, it’s as if he set off an alarm to tell the annoying one’s I’m home and settled in. Because there was a loud rapping on my door about five seconds after he pulled off.

“What!” I yelled irritably. My door swung open, without any regards to my privacy, revealing my stepmother, Gardina. 

After Mom died, Dad got really depressed and started blaming everything on his self. He started drinking a lot. But, he found  this chick about a year after Mom’s death, and claimed to fall madly in love with her, and he married her after only six months of talking to her. Gardina and I don’t get along. She’s constantly putting outrageous thoughts in his head. She thinks because she married my Dad means she has total control over me and my being. Pftt. 

“Hey, Slut, your father wants you downstairs in the kitchen right now,” she said putting her hand on her waist.

“Not as much of a slut you are,” I mumbled as I shuffled to the kitchen to see what my father wanted. My little sister was sitting on the sofa, her eyes barely staying open.

“Baby girl, go to bed,” I said lifting her from the couch. She shook her head, pushing me away.

“Can’t. Daddy just woke me up when you got home and told me to come down here.”

“Um... why?” The poor thing just shrugged her shoulders and continued to fight with her sleep. I stormed to the kitchen where my father sat at the dinner table with his hands folded on the top of the table.

“Why isn’t she sleeping. She has school tomorrow, and it’s after eight.”

“Yeah, you’re right. And that’s the problem. You’re always out late with that... boy.” He referred to Conner as if his name tasted bad.

“His name is Conner. And he’s been my best friend since kindergarten. You know that.” I shook my head when he grunted. Then Gardina put her little two cents in.

“Well, honey,” she began “You shouldn’t be out that late with any boy. Because We’re more than sure you’re doing things with this boy.”

“That boy’s name is Conner,” I repeated. “And what things are you claiming I’m doing with ‘this boy’?”

“Savanna, don’t play stupid with us. We know you’re having sex with that boy!”

“What?!” I screeched. I glared at Dad. “You let her make you think I’m going behind your back sleeping around? God, Dad. And here I thought you still had a little trust in me!” I shot my look over to Gardina, and stepped closer to her, my finger pointing into her throat.

“And you! Feeding him these stupid ideas! I’m not sleeping with him! He’s my best friend. I’m sick of you assuming things and thinking you’re better than me. You aren’t  anything to me but my father’s second choice. Because obviously my mom was his first!”

“Don’t you dare speak to me in th at tone, young lady!”

“I will, and I am. I’m not finished either. Ever since you came here, you think you can control my life. Newsflash, baby. You are NOT my mother, so stop trying to act like it. You’re Dad’s wife, and that’s all. You are nothing more to me, Gardina. You’re feelings and thoughts mean nothing to me, especially since you’ve been treating me like crap on the bottom of your shoe since you said ‘I do’.” With those final words, I glanced over at Dad, who was fumbling around with his hands. I shook my head in disgust.

“Honestly, Dad. I thought you were better than this.” I walked out of the kitchen, my head held high. I grabbed my sister’s hand and took her up to my room and locked the door. I gave her a pillow and a blanket and let her sleep at the bottom of my bed.

I sat on my bed, contemplating my life, and how nothing was really worth it anymore. 

Why am I even still alive, I thought. Nothing has been going my way, and honestly, I’m sick of everything. The only thing, the only ones, that has been keeping my sane are Hannah and Conner. If it weren’t for them, I’m sure I would’ve done something horrible.....

Like die.

 Suddenly, Hannah threw herself into my arms and cried. She let out all of the emotions she’d been holding in for the past few weeks, letting it all go so she could just start this dreaded cycle over again.

“Why did he choose her? Why did Daddy marry that witch?”

“Because,” I began, just like every other time she asked this question. “He needed to feel loved.”

“But we love him,” she whispers.

“I guess our love just wasn’t good enough for him.”

After a while, Hannah took her spot at the foot of my bed, wrapping herself into the blanket.

“I hate her, Savanna,” Hannah said as she snuggled in her blanket. I nodded.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. But let’s go to sleep now, sweetie. We both have school tomorrow.”

“Ok Vannie. Night Night.”

“Good night.” I switched the lights off and let my dreams take me somewhere other than my house. But I didn’t need my dreams to take me anywhere just yet, because someone was in my room.







I watched from my corner in her closet. She had a little girl at the foot of her bed and it looked like she was trying to comfort her. 

“Why did he choose her?” the little girl asked, tears rimming her eyes. “Why did Daddy marry that witch?” 

Ouch. The way she said witch disturbed me. She said it as if there was nothing worse than it.

“Because,” the elder one said. “He needed to feel loved.”

I grasped my pendant. The pendant that the royal family that nursed me gave me. The same pendant that signified love, the only love I ever knew. Love that was never happy. A sad, hurtful, truthful love. Nothing like the love of these people.

Is this is what love really is? Because I’ve never felt this before. 

I watched as the older female rubbed the head of the little girl. The scene was truly mystifying. I could see something reach her eyes that I’ve never seen before. Everything in her just shot out positive energy. 

“I hate her, Savanna,” the little girl said, spitefully. The elder girl nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. But let’s go to sleep now, sweetie. We both have school tomorrow.”

“Ok Vannie. Night Night.”

“Good night.”

I’m Kantia Y029. I’ve been trained by the Central Power to protect my world, The Dark World, at all costs. Even if it’s my life. It was pretty harsh to live with when I was growing up. Most kids my age were being reminded of their manners and what not. But me? I was being trained at every second. I took high level basic education classes. I was taking Alchemy 3 when I was 4 years old, and had way passed everyone in my Fundamentals of Fighting class.

To be told  that my life would be to protect, kill, and be killed. Not that I had much of a choice though. I was an abandoned kid. My Mom up and left the day I was born, and she was never spotted again. I don’t even know her name. I’ve always wished there was a way that I could find her, but nothing has come up. Nothing was even left behind to give a lead that she even existed, except me. I was raised in the Royal Court until I was eight. After my eighth birthday, I was sent to the Central Power to begin my training, just like every other soon to be Protector my age.

It was especially hard because I was the only girl in my whole group. And I was expected to excel just as well as the boys. My life soon began to be nothing but constant practicing and training harder to get better. To be better. To be the best. I went days without sleeping just to I could prepare myself for my life as a Protector. I soon found my self going above and beyond the work of my peers. I was moved up, and finished the training that normally took nine years in just three. I was at the top of my graduation class and an A-Class legend. There has never been another person to move so fast in the academy before. The earliest was six years.  After graduating, I decided to also study magic, which I also breezed through in just three years. The Central Power decided that I was an important asset to the wellbeing of the Dark World, and they put all of my skills to work immediately, training me more, and taking me into the deeper secrets of magic that the professors didn’t bother to teach the academy students.

It’s been two years since my graduation from the Dark World Academy, and I’m 15. Despite my hard work and me being a well known Protector-Mage, this is my very first real mission. And I can’t skrew up.

“We’re counting on you Y029,” Alfet B360 told me just before I left.  “Dead or alive.”

“Sir.” I remember responding.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts, I didn’t notice that I was becoming more and more visible to the naked eye. And the older one was looking dead at me, her eyes bugging out of her head almost. She moved her hand to the table near her bed, reaching aimlessly for something. 

“Well,” I say coming out of my not so secret hiding spot. “Since you already see me, I can just make this easy, ok? But first, let’s lay out some ground rules. Shall we?” I  flicked my fingers at her nightstand, sliding it silently to the foot of her bed. “Rule one: don’t touch anything. Keep your hands in your lap.” The girl glared at me, but obeyed.

“Next rule. Don’t talk unless you are told. Don’t do anything stupid and we can both get out of this situation alive.”

“And if I don’t,” she questioned, sassily. I whipped my fingers in her direction and sent sparks in the shape of knives at her throat. 

“You just might die. Do you want to try it?” The girl gulped, and shook her head. I smirked.

“Yep. That’s what I thought. Now, what’s your name?”

“Savanna,” she said in barely a whisper. I nod.

“Alright, Savanna. I’m going to take you to the Dark World. And you will come without any problems, right?” 

“Yes.” I walked to her bed and pulled her up by her arm, and heard a quiet rapping on the window outside. I glared at the male’s face, and glared at Savanna.

“Who is he?!” I shot at her, shoving her a little too violently towards the window.

“My best friend, Conner,” she said after studying the face through the window. 

“Well, he can’t know what I’m doing unless he’s going to be involved, so he’s just got himself tied up in our business.” I focused my energy on the window, and it shot open and I let the air effortlessly thrust the boy in the room at my feet. He looked up and fear pulsed through his veins. 

“What are you doing here, Conner?” Savanna hissed, taking a step closer to us.

“You left your purse in my car, so I was coming to bring it back.” The boy held up a small black shoulder purse and shook it in the air for Savanna to see.

“Good timing on your part, my dear,” I said grinning. “We were just leaving. And now you get to come with us!”

And with those final words, I scooped up the little girl, and opened the portal to my world, dragging the other two along with me.  






I don’t know where I am or how I got here, but I do know that I’m not in my room anymore. And I might not even be in my town, heck, much less my country. I took in my surroundings, and everything was.... Well, it was dark. The sky was a pale dark blue, and  there was a black hole beneath my feet. I glanced over at Conner, who was slumped in a neck breaking position on the ground, but was to sucked into looking at everything, I’m sure he wouldn’t even notice if his neck cracked right now. I look up at Hannah, and she’s still fast asleep in that girl’s arms. Oh, that reminds me. 

“Hey!” I shouted. The girl glanced back at me. She looked about six. Her short figure was a joke. But what she did back there scared me, and I’m not sure if I should be offended by her, or just down right terrified.

“What?”  She asked, patiently, raising her eyebrows. Her whole demeanor was different from what it was back there.

“Who are you? And why did you just come in my room snatching me up and bringing me to this God awful place?” The girl frowned, but it didn’t really meet her eyes. Instead, her eyes looked almost sad. But in an instant she was smiling.

“I’m Kantia Y029!” The girl spoke proudly, her head held high, and her posture proper. She held her hand up to her head in salute. “But you can just call me Kantia.”

“Well, Kantia,” Conner said, speaking up for the first time since we left my room. “I don’t exactly know how you did this, but I do know that whatever you’ve done, you’ve managed to change the order of the molecular-” 

“All I did was transport you....” Kantia said questioningly. “Nothing special about rearranging your earthly science.”

Conner was finally up on his feet and dusting his self off, even though there was really nothing to dust off, for, as I’ve said before, we were standing in a black hole.

“Alright, little girl. I’ve had just about enough of your bull--”

“Who are you calling little!” she growled. The atmosphere around Kantia turned dark. The darkness swirled violently through her hair, ready to pick a fight. Her cheeks and chest puffed out in anger and she looked like she could rip my throat out. 

“W-what she really meant was, how old are you?” Conner said, cheesing his butt off. And almost instantly, the anger vanished, and Kantia was all bubbly again, as if nothing had ever happened. I rolled my eyes, and started walking in the first direction that appealed to me. 

“Well why didn’t you say so silly? I’m 15.” I spun around and my eyes popped out of their sockets.

“Say what?!!!” I couldn’t believe what she was saying. 

“I said I’m 15 years old, just like you!” I stared at her, in disbelief as she went on and on about when she first found out about me, and how she thought we could be friends.

“And then I found out you were the subject of my mission, I thought it would be so cool!” she said all in one life-threatening breathe. “So, I asked your mom what you--”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hold your breath for a second. Did you just say my mom?” I watched for a sign, but Kantia totally froze up. She didn’t say or do anything. “Well?” I press on. Instead of answering me, she turns on her heels, and starts walking forward. 

“We should probably get going,” Kantia said almost robotically. “I don’t think the Central Power would want us to be late.” With Hannah still in her arms; someway, somehow; she jumped up in the trees, and picks some of the fruit there. 

“Wow,” Conner mutters. “Look at her go.” 

“Oh my goodness, Conner,” I scoffed. “I can’t believe you’re falling for her act.”

“What act, Savanna? I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that’s an act about this girl. She isn’t really playing any games.”

“I mean, look at her! She looks like she can be five, dude!”

“Well, she obviously isn’t, so just get on with the program so we can hurry up and move on with our normal everyday lives. I don’t really want to be here, but I am. And so are you, so just deal.” And with those heartbreaking words, Conner steps to the trees that Kantia is moving carefully across, picking some weird looking fruits.

“I can’t believe it,” I mumble. Conner is supposed to be my best friend, and he’s never spoken to me like this before. I mean, is it that he’s a whole year older than me? No. He’s always been a whole year older than me, but he’s still never said anything to me like that before. I couldn’t believe he just walked out on me like that! 

“Hey.” The girl, Kantia, jumped down from the tree she was in. I hadn’t noticed that I started walking aimlessly in their direction and that I’d ended up right beneath the tree she was in. Kantia grinned eagerly from ear to ear and held her hand out. I looked down at it, and there was one of the many large colorful orbs that were in the trees. I looked back into her eyes, a question mark decorating my face.


“Take it,” she thrust her hand closer to me and placed it gently in my hand. “Eat it.”

“What is it?” I asked, not sure if I should eat it. I held it up to my nose, taking in it’s sweet, spicy smell.

“It’s called Izolle. It’s one of the many fruit from the Izollen trees that only grow in the Izollen Country. It’s really spicy when you first eat it, but once you swallow it, there’s nothing but the sweet after flavor. It’s very unique and quite delicious.” I eyed the girl suspiciously. Without a second thought, I threw the fruit down to the ground and folded my arms over my chest.

“I won’t eat it.” Kantia shrugged.

“Of course. I mean, if you’d rather die in the most harsh way. Especially in front of your sister, in about five minutes. Your skin peeling and crackling, and your blood bubbling to the surface. Our air will eat you inside out, starting with your throat. It’ll suck your tongue down in your throat, chewing it away in the most painful way possible, and--”

“ALRIGHT! I’ll eat it!” I yelled, snatching the green one out of her hands. I shuttered at the graphical descriptions of my anticipated death if I didn’t eat, and took a hearty bite into the fruit. As soon as the juice touched my tongue, it burned. All the way down to my throat. I was tempted to spit it out, but as I thought of my horrid death, I sucked everything up, and endured the burn. It felt like a never ending fire that I couldn’t put out. That was until I swallowed it. The whole flavor went in a different direction. It was like a bowl of sugar mixed with a flavor I’ve never had before. The taste was so amazing, I had to have another bite.

“It’s so good!” I squeezed in between bites, savoring the sweetness that ran down my throat.

“It’s worth the burn isn’t it?” I nodded, still trying to finish up the Izolle. Kantia sighed, sitting on the ground cross legged. 

“It was my favorite fruit as a little girl. But I never got to taste it fresh. It was always packaged and shipped to my home country. Well, the country that I was raised in anyway. I don’t know what my home country is.” 

We sat in silence as I finished up the fruit. 

“Hey, so, I was wondering,” I began.

“Yeah?” Kantia’s eyes lit up.

“Why did you take me?”

“Well...” she trailed off, and looked in the sky. Her eyes suddenly widened, and she rose to her feet in a heartbeat. “Savanna, Conner. Let’s go! Now!” She jumped up in the trees, and took still sleeping Hannah, and threw her across her shoulders, and began leaping effortlessly from tree to tree. 

“Come on!” she pressed on “Move it, move it, move it!” Not knowing what else to do, Conner and I followed Kantia’s lead, but on the ground. We walking through the Izollen trees, changing the course of our direction ever so often.

“Why are we running, again?” Conner panted. 

“I have no clue. Ask monkey girl up there.” But as soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted it, because I could see why we were on the run. 

The loud, bloodcurdling bark filled my ears, and I screamed like a moron. 

“Don’t look back!” Kantia warned. “They’ll turn you to stone!” But before I knew what was happening, Conner snapped his head around. His scream filled my being and stopped in mid-breath. I gasped, knowing his fate. 

I closed my eyes, determined to look forward only, still slapping my feet non stop against the dark ground. My eyes widened, when I saw a large, Conner sized rock land in front of me. I stood there in horror. His face was pain stricken and it was the very definition of fear. His eyes were popped wide open, and in desperate need of saving. I reached out to touch my best friend, but an over grown hound like foot came crashing down on him, crumbling him. My body shook and I look up, following the limb.

Close your eyes, idiot! I snapped my eyes shut, not wanting the same fate as Conner, and ran, aimlessly, for my life.  I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew I wanted to get as far away from the ferocious animals as I could.

“Kantia!” I screeched out “Kantia! Please, help me!” I could feel the stamina leaving me and my legs beginning to give away from under me. I could feel my conscience slipping away from me, and I was sure that I would be the next one to die. My eyelids lowered, and my legs wobbled. I could hear Kantia’s voice in the dark distance, calling my name. 

“Kantia?” I could feel my soul being sucked out. Sounds were becoming irrelevant to me, and I could no longer hear a thing anyone was saying. I could feel my body coming to a stop

Just take care of Hannah, will ya? I pleaded silently, accepting my destiny. 

Accepting my death.


Savanna?, I hushed voice called out to me.

Yes? Am I dead? I reached my hand out to the voice, hoping to find where it was coming from.

Savanna? I was on a cloud, it felt like. My hands touched a soft ground, and I--

“Savanna! Wake up!” My head popped up and I looked around. It looked like I was in a hospital room. The walls were a plain cream color, and I saw IV cords everywhere. Whispers sang a song through out my room. I couldn’t really hear everything they were saying, but I did catch little pieces.

“She’s a human, isn’t she?” I heard one lady say.

“.....Commander Swann’s oldest girl,” I heard another say.

“...almost died in the hands of wild crians....”

“...Kantia’s mission....”

“Savanna?”  Someone calling my name shook me out of my trance. I looked to my left, where the voice came from, and saw Hannah, standing above me, her face full of worry. I smiled up at her.

“Hey, Han,” I cringed as I tried to reach out to hug her. 

“Stop!” she yelled at me. “Kantia said you shouldn’t move. You almost got killed.”

“Kantia? Where is she?” 

“Talking to the Doctors about your release. She said we have to hurry up and get to--”

“Hey, Savanna,” Kantia said, coming out of nowhere.

“Hey,” I sat up a little, trying to ignore the pain that was rippling through my right shoulder.

“Are you ok? I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you faster. When I  heard Conner scream, I tried to put Hannah somewhere safe so I could get you guys, but I saw him in crumbles... and they were getting started on eating you, and I just....” For the first time, I saw Kantia break down. She dropped to her knees, sobbing and banging the floor. “This wasn’t supposed to happen! They said we would be ok!” she screamed, sniffing.

“Hey, it is ok,” I whispered, reaching my hand down to Kantia. But she snatched away from me.

“It’s not ok! I got your best friend killed!”

“It wasn’t your fault. You told us not to look back, but he was being stupid and did it anyway.”

“I should have been able to protect you. All three of you. I’m not worthy!” With those words, she stormed out of the room, determination painted on her face. Without thinking, I got out of the bed, and snatched all of the cords from my arms. I followed her lead, and spotted her walking into the bathroom. I ran to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. Fear then shot through me. What was she going to do in there? Nobody goes in the bathroom, determined, unless... 

“Kantia! Open the door!” I pleaded. “Please!” I banged with all of my strength, ignoring my own pain. “Kantia!” I banged my good shoulder on the door trying to get the door to budge, but it didn’t. 

You’ve got to keep trying! I thought fiercely. She protected Hannah, and she saved me, and I wasn’t going to let her do this to herself. I tried again, slamming my weight against the door, and this time, it swung open, taking in a portion of the frame. I ran towards Kantia, and snatched the knife out of her hands.

“Give it to me!” she screeched, swiping frantically at my face. “Give it back!”

“No! I won’t let you do this, Kantia!” I snapped the thin blade off the handle, cutting myself in the process, and shoved it down the trash shoot.

“No!!!” she howled as she watched it race down, never to be seen by her again. “I don’t deserve to live, Savanna! I don’t” Kantia dropped to her knees, tears flowing down her dirty cheeks.

“Kantia, please.”

“No! You’re mom should kill me. Head Commander will not be happy about this.”

“Head Commander? My Mom?” Kantia wiped her face and nodded.

“You’re Mom is Head Commander of the Dark World. She was brought to us and she told us to come get you. That was my mission. To come and get you and your sister, Hannah, without disturbing your everyday lives.  But, I messed up by bringing Conner. But I didn’t know what else to do with him.” I put my hand on my chin, nodding slowly. 

“Alright, Kantia. How about this? I can  tell my mother not to do anything to you but make you be my personal guard for the rest of our lives as your punishment?” I smiled lit up her face.

“You would do that for me?” I nodded. 

“Of course. As long as you don’t mind being my guardian...” I trailed off.

“Of course I want to be your guard. That’s been my dream ever since I’ve found out about you.” I smiled and pulled her into a hug.

 “I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends.”

“But what about Conner?” she asked, gloom washing across her. I smiled sadly.

“Well, he wouldn’t have been apart of my life anymore anyway. I’ll just have to get over it.” Images of Conner being maliciously crumbled into dirt flashed in my head over and over again, and I could feel the tears welling  up in my eyes. 

“But he was your best friend.”

“I know. Now you will be my best friend. I have to learn to move forward Kantia. And so do you. But we can do so together.” Kantia sat back and looked at me.

“I’ve never met anyone so easy to forgive. But I’m glad you forgive. Thank you.”

“No, Kantia. Thank you.”

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