I know I'm bad

Everyone knew Ginger was messed up. That is why the police station decided to come up with a plan that will hopefully help Ginger. They sent her to church, and they scheduled a time for her to go to the police station once every week for her to understand what's right and wrong. When she ends up falling for the young, good-looking officer that is forbidden…What will she do? And will she soon realize her mistakes? Or stick to her own ways?


8. I Know I'm bad #8

I shrugged. "You're kissable," I giggled. He was really good-looking and I'm not going to just sit here and not take advantage of that. 

    He rolled his eyes and walked over to me. He bent down so we were eye to eye. He leaned over and turned his head a little bit and planted his lips on my cheek.


"It would be so cool to have purple eyes!" I exclaimed. 

    "Shh," someone whispered from the other aisle.

    "Ginger, you have to quiet down. We're in a library," Zach stated. He looked around like he was about to get lectured cause he's with a immature kid. 

     "Yep and I'm interested in a book. This book is about how this girl is some creature and she has the prettiest eyes--purple eyes, Zach!"

      Zach face-palmed as I grin. "C'mon, we can check out the book and you can read it later," he offered. "Tomorrow is a break," he muttered.

     See I have like a schedule now. They think they can change me from my "bad" attitude. 

     Sunday- Church

     Monday- Library

     Tuesday- Nothing

     Wednesday- Church

     Thursday and Friday- I watch the officers at work!

     Saturday- Nothing

     I didn't get to go to church yesterday since the schedule just now got made this morning.

     He took my hand as we went and checkout the book. We walked out while his hand was still clasped in mine. "Can I get contacts?" I asked, looking up at him.


    "C'mon!" I groaned. "I want purple eyes."

    "I can't let you cover up your pretty blue eyes," he smiled. 

     I gaped at him. Did he just call my eyes pretty? He grinned, "I knew that would get you to shut up."

     I frowned at him. "you're evil."

     He opened the car door for me and smiled. I slipped in as he shut the door behind me. He went over to his side and got in. "You're staying at my house tomorrow. If you don't mind. We'd like to speak to your mom or possibly your friend-- Riley? Is it?" 

    "Ok, but, I got to warn you. My mom is not the best person to get along with and it's hard to admit but, I'm embarrassed by her." I stared down at my hands. I get embarrassed when people find out about my mom.

    He glanced over at me. "You're embarrass by your own mom?"

   "You'll find out why, tomorrow." I gave him a small smile and just glanced out the window.

    "What about, Riley?" he suddenly asked.

    "She's my best friend but, she've been in jail so many times and can I come along to see Riley? Please."

    He turned over and smiled at me. "Possibly."

    "yay! Thanks!" I grinned.


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