I know I'm bad

Everyone knew Ginger was messed up. That is why the police station decided to come up with a plan that will hopefully help Ginger. They sent her to church, and they scheduled a time for her to go to the police station once every week for her to understand what's right and wrong. When she ends up falling for the young, good-looking officer that is forbidden…What will she do? And will she soon realize her mistakes? Or stick to her own ways?


6. I Know I'm bad #6


                           Zach's POV.

   "What?" I don't understand most of the things that come out of her mouth. When I try to get serious answers from her, I only end up with humorous answers. 

   "In other words they work for David. They. Are. Stupid." she said emphasizing each word and I almost laughed…almost. "They deserved it."


                                        Gingers POV.

"So, are you saying you think I'm messed up? So, you're going to--what? Put me in Church?" 

    "We need to do something, Ginger." George said with an sigh. 

     "We were thinkingand what about you go to work with Zach to see how its like to be an Police Officer and…basically, were saying you will see the codes from wrong to right." The sheriff stated with an smile. It's kinda funny to see the sheriffs expression when he comes up with his very own plan. 

    I leaned back in my chair with my arms cross. "I didn't catch your name, sir."

    "Ron," He stated simply.


I was right. They did send me to Church. It's not like I mind. I went to Church before and I am an Christian but, I just don't see the point. It's like they're saying I'm sinning against God so, I have to go to Church. Whats the difference between everyone else and me? Everyone sins!

      "I'm not very fond of this plan. The spending more time with you plan, not the Church plan." I muttered to Zach.

     "I thought you like spending more time with me."

      I rolled my eyes. "Sometimes but, not all the time."

      Zach chuckled.

     Spending more time with Zach. I wonder how this is going to turn out.


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