I know I'm bad

Everyone knew Ginger was messed up. That is why the police station decided to come up with a plan that will hopefully help Ginger. They sent her to church, and they scheduled a time for her to go to the police station once every week for her to understand what's right and wrong. When she ends up falling for the young, good-looking officer that is forbidden…What will she do? And will she soon realize her mistakes? Or stick to her own ways?


4. I know I'm bad #4


   I glanced behind his shoulder and itmmedently came up with a plan. "This was really really good Coffee. Thank you!" I said cheerfully. Great, now he's going to think I'm a Coffee freak. I reached over and hugged him. Zach stiffed up for a moment, then he wrapped his arms around me. I reached for his gun steadily and finally landed my hand on it. I pulled it out and shot for David's back up guys. If your wondering who David is, he's the reason I ended up in jail so many times. I succeeded and I smiled a proud smile.

    Zach broke away from me with an angered expression. David glanced over at me and gave me a smirk. I glanced at Zach and thought of one thing. "Kiss me."


    He gave me an confused expression but, shook his head. 

     I grabbed his shirt and kissed him anyways. His lips was soft and warm against mine that I couldn't find myself to pull away. He pushed me away gently. I rolled my eyes and leaned in so my lips was against his ear. "If you don't want me to shoot that guy," I nodded behind him and he glanced briefly to who I was referring to. "Then I would do as I say."

    He gave me an confused expression. "What are you?"

    I turned my head a little to the right, trying to think of a way to answer that question. "Ginger," I winked. 

    David's eyes lingered on me for an second and walked over. "Ginger."

    I rolled my eyes. "You're lucky I didn't shoot you."

    Zach rolled his eyes. "Ginger be nice."

    David chuckled but, the humor didn't reach his eyes.

    "Ma'am, the police is on they're way. I think they're dead." An Lady that works there says referring to the two men I shot that was laying on the ground.

    I laughed. "Why would the police waste there time and come here? Theres one right there." I laughed and pointed at Zach.

    The lady glared at Zach probably for not doing anything. I glanced at Zach to see him with an even more confused expression. He scratched his head and glanced at the two men lying on the ground. "You're crazy," Zach said still not taking his eyes off the men.

    "I panicked, ok? And I don't think they're dead. I have really good aim."

     "Yea, she trained in-"

     I elbowed David in the stomach before he could finish the sentence. He let out a groan.


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