I know I'm bad

Everyone knew Ginger was messed up. That is why the police station decided to come up with a plan that will hopefully help Ginger. They sent her to church, and they scheduled a time for her to go to the police station once every week for her to understand what's right and wrong. When she ends up falling for the young, good-looking officer that is forbidden…What will she do? And will she soon realize her mistakes? Or stick to her own ways?


20. I Know I'm bad #20

The house was small. George parked the car. "We need a plan."

     I raised my hand. "I'm good with plans."

     "You did enough," said George.

     "I would like to hear her plan," said Zach. He smiled at me.

      I smiled back. Zach seems to love me more than I love him. I need to talk to him later. Maybe, I'm not exactly ready for this just yet.

      "Why can't we just walk in?"

      "Because, they might have guns, Ginger."

      "Zach, I don't see how that's a good reason not to go inside. So what? You have a gun too. You can give it to me, I can go inside and shoot them for you."

       He gave me a long look. George just chuckled.

       "We don't need to shoot anyone," said George.

       "You know I'm going to use my prettiness. I'm just going to knock on the door and tell whoever opens the door, that I was lost and I need directions."


George let me do the plan. Zach not so much. Please, I can do whatever I wan! Zach can't tell me what to do. Don't get me wrong. I love Zach, but, I'm always use to getting my way. On Zach, it doesn't work.

     George won the argument. They drove off. They could still see me, but, they didn't want anyone else to see them. I knocked on the door and waited.

      Someone opened the door. Wow! He is fine! My eyes went wide and my mouth hung open. Oh wait... the plan. What was the plan again? Right.

      "I-I'm lost." I looked around, like, I was actually lost. I looked back up at him. "I need directions." I crossed my fingers hoping he would invite me in. So, my plan would work.

      He looked me up and down. "How long have you been lost? You might be hungry."

      I hid a smile. "Actually, I am kind of hungry."

      He held the door open wider. "I think I have something. My name is Derick by the way."

     "My name is Ginger," I said. I looked around the place. When I first walked in, I saw the kitchen.

     I heard footsteps behind me. He covered my mouth with both of his hands and tried to drag me with him.

     I slung my elbow as hard as I could in his rib-cage. He let out a groan. I turned around and slung my leg so it would hit his side. He fell to the ground. "Kidnapper, huh?" I asked.

     I walked away from him and tried to see if I could find anyone else. This guy would be truly stupid if he kidnapped officers. I took my cell-phone out of my pocket and text Zach. "I think he's a kidnapper. I think he has the officers. Not sure where at."

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