I know I'm bad

Everyone knew Ginger was messed up. That is why the police station decided to come up with a plan that will hopefully help Ginger. They sent her to church, and they scheduled a time for her to go to the police station once every week for her to understand what's right and wrong. When she ends up falling for the young, good-looking officer that is forbidden…What will she do? And will she soon realize her mistakes? Or stick to her own ways?


10. I Know I'm bad #10

                                                Zach's POV.

So, it's official. I get to go alone. I really am upset of what happened to Ginger. She didn't deserve it.

    I drove up to what I'm guessing is Ginger's mom's house and got out. I walked over to her door and hesitated before I knocked.

    A woman around her 30's opened the door with bags under her eyes and alcohol in her hand.  "What are you doing here?" She asked with venom in her voice.

    "My name is, Zach," I said showing her my I.D. She probably would be a beautiful woman if she would stop drinking. I can see some similarities between Ginger in her. They both have irresistible blue eyes and long brunette hair. Except Ginger has darker hair than her and red highlights, whereas, her mom has brown hair and what seems to have natural blonde highlights. "I need to talk to you. May I come in, ma'am?"

   "No, you may not. I don't like police and if this is about Ginger--take her, just take her. I don't want her anymore. That filthy child needs to keep herself out of trouble," she said taking a sip of her alcohol.

    My face hardened. I warmed up to Ginger and her own mom talking about Ginger like that, makes me mad. "It seems like she's not the only one getting in trouble. Can I please look around your place? It's an order from my boss."

    She sighed loudly and moved to the side so I can come in. I looked around investigating. "What made you come here?" She asked.

    "You're right it is about Ginger but, she is not as bad as she may seem," I said without even glancing at her. I feel like if I look at her I will do something I will regret later. "Ginger's a sweet girl on the inside and I was lucky to be able to see that. She opened up to me and it was probably hard for her. She's sarcastic and funny…" I looked over to my left in surprise. What sat there was spice. Her mom didn't seem to notice that I saw it so I looked back over at her in a calm manner.

     She had her arms cross and looked at me skeptically. "And your point is?" She asked.

    "My point is…" I said walking over to her slowly. "That she doesn't deserve what you put her through and when I have enough proof. I want you arrested." 

    I stood right in front of her. Our faces so close that just by one step our lips will touch. She laughed harshly. "Where will she stay if I'm not here?"

    I said the words that I didn't think would ever come out of my mouth. "She will stay with me of course," I smirked folding my arms casually. 

    She looked up at me with shock. "What? Are you going to adopt her? Because, me and you both know that you don't want to be a dad to someone you want to be with."

    I was shocked by her choice of words. I don't want to be with Ginger, that's risking. Very risking! I smiled anyway keeping myself composed. "At least I will love her more then you ever did."

    "I love my daughter, Zach!! W-what exactly did she say about me?" 

    "Everything I need to know that your guilty, if what she's said was true. And knowing Ginger, it most likely was. She wouldn't make up something like that. Did your husband past away?" I asked.

      "Yes! And Ginger killed him! She killed him!" She cried. I could tell she was lying but, not her tears. Her tears were clearly real. She must've rally loved him. I would feel bad if I lost the girl I love. Ginger popped in my mind but, I shook my head out of that thought. 

        "How?" I asked. 

         She looked up at me with a confused expression. "How am I supposed to know? I just know she killed him!"

         "How? If you can't answer that question then you have no proof." I smirked. "I'm done here ma'am." I turned around heading towards the door. She sighed a breath of relief. "Oh, one last thing," I said holding my finger up like a thought just popped in my head. I took the drugs that were laying on the counter closed to the door and held it in front of me. "This is clearly spice." I laid it back down and took out my phone taking a picture of it. I took a picture of her with the alcohol in her hand and smirked. "These will be good to show the sheriff." I slipped the phone in my back pocket and walking out, closing the door behind me. 


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