Punk love


15. school

Louis pov

Hey Lou Niall going to school no he's with Alexis maybe well I acutely don't know ok and love the outfit you can see your tattoo aww thanks Lou and it's my name in a heart with a rose going though it ya let's go already right then let's go.

At school

Hey Niall's here hey ni over here hey guys you came to school Alexis told me to because I'm a father now and I need to get a good job so I have to go to school ok let's go math here we come

Math class

Ms stevens come up here now yes mam so students ms stevens was a good girl now look at her she has a tattoo and a lip ring so peps get older now louis you come up here now look at Brittany's boob it says louis in a heart with a rose going through it now louis do you have one yes show them I pulled my shirt down I have the same thing but with her name. See kids these days are stupid as fuck you two can sit down now.

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