Punk love


19. plots

Brittany's pov

Good morning love good morning Lou your mum is up and brother ok let's go eat god my legs hurt oh sorry bout that love carry me Lou ok louis picked me up bridal style and carried me down stairs and put me on the couch by Travis he was watching saw5 babe I'm going in the kitchen to get us a drink ok love you love you to.

Louis pov

Hey I'm getting me and b some orang juice ok and good morning louis and to you to Lesley ahhhh what the hell I ran in the livening room to see Brittany and Travis screaming and hugging for dear life louis help me b it's just a movie travis ran screaming mummy to the kitchen here's your orange juice ok dam we have to get my stuff today from daddy's I'll go with you and I'll fix your car b ok thanks Lou I'm turning this ok here watch spongebob yay Travis come watch spongebob with me and Lou ok coming.

1hr later

Ok we're going to get Brittany's stuff from Michel's house aka daddy were coming with but mum Travis no buts were coming I won't to see my disappointment Jada I'm not your disappointment no b your not Jada is she plotted agenst you and me made you hate me with lies and me hate you with lies now your dad I'm going to tell him what she did awww mum thanks any time b and Travis has stuff on her like what Travis she's pregnant and does not know who the dad is oh hell yes and dad can set up a test with us all in the room Travis your a genius I know I am haha.

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