Punk love


3. Niall Horan

Brittany's pov

Hey do you have math ya why we'll me and my sister have math were new here so can you help us ya shure By the way my name is Niall Horan cool now where is class oh this way Brittany yes jada he has tattoos so he's scary jada Stevens you are 17 stop so her name is jada Stevens yes mine is Brittany Stevens

Niall's pov

Here we are math Brittany kicked jada and then went in I flowed jada because I knew people would make fun of her me and my friends are the scariest and meanest people in school so they know there boundaries so I put my arm around her hey what you doin Niall shhhh no one will bug you if they think your my girlfriend ok then she stated to sit but I grabbed her sit by me love ok.

Louis pov

Someone kicked a girl apterly she's Niall's girlfriend Niall had his arm around her so ya they sat by us hey Niall what's up have you met my girl jada nope she's new hi I'm Louis Tomlinson hi Harry styles Liam Payne this is Nikki wright my girl Zayn Malik my girl is Hannah gruger Harry's girl is Haley Dennis who's Lou's girl no one oh you should meet my sister Brittany jada shut the hell up about me fine wow she looks fit hey I'm Louis Tomlinson hey she's hot you know you said that out loud right oh sorry well ur sexey.

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