Punk love


2. new school

Brittany's pov

Brittany time to get up ok dad now I said ok I'm getting up. I grabbed black skinny jeans and a shirt that said crazy mofos on it and grabbed my black toms and put them on and went down stairs my sister has a different style she's wherein pink skinny jeans and a pink shirt and to top that she has pink toms. ahhhhhh jada stop wearing pink god it gets annoying Brittany it's my favorite color whatever jada. Jada hurry up or I will not drive you to school fine coming don't forget to grab you're phone jada ok she even has a pink I phone 5 case mine is black maybe has sparkles Jada was right bhined me getting in my black cameo we sat in silence in the car the hole way were here jada get our schedules ill park the car ok 2 mins later here yours Brittany give me it asshole fine you have math first so do I so I gess we'll find someone who has math to.

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