Punk love


16. lunch

Zayn's pov

Come on em it's lunch time ok Zayn I'm coming let's go.

Louis pov

Lunch time yay Lego already come on Niall if Lou wonlt go we will ok lets go babe I'm coming ok hurry up hey lads hey girls hey Lou do you think I need my mum well she hates you remember ya But whin a child needs there mum she's there and we can Make up and she can meet you. But you don't have her number yes I do what do you think guys hell ya let's see this woman ok I'll call her.now babe???yes now.

Hello mum I need you Brittany wats wrong daddy hates me so does Jada your lucky I was going on a holiday but I'll catch the first there since I'm already at the airport I'll be there faster I shuld be there around 7pm can you be there to pick me up hell yes mum thank you sooo much oh and your brother corse and I have a brother ya he's 17 years old same age as Jada his name is Travis Stevens oh ok hurry up and get here I'm boarding the plaine now got to go love you bye ok love you bye.

Ahhh louis we have to be at the airport at 7pm today to pick up my mum and brother ok wow you two made up yes can they stay with us yes love.

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