Punk love


18. home

Louis pov *night*

What do you won't to do louis well we could fuck because you sitting on my lap all Night made me hard ok i smashed my lips to Brittany's and pulled at her shirt to get it off.

Brittany's pov

I put my hands in the air to help Lou get my shirt off he took my bra off and messaged my Brest and I took off his shirt for him he took my pants off an ripped my panties off and started to kiss my neck giving me hikes louis just fuck me what was that love what do you won't I won't you to fuck me as hard as you can can do he took off his pants and boxers and pumped his dick a few times to make shur he was hard enough shit I have no proaction don't use none I'm on the pill thank god.

Louis pov

I spread her legs and placed myself at her entrance and thursed in her.

Brittany's pov

I arched my back from him thursting in me with no warning fuck louis.

Louis pov

Fuck louis faster I went faster and harder oh fuck louis god it feels so good I hit her g spot and went faster fuck louis right there don't stop I pounded into her faster she wrapped her legs around my waste and I went deeper fuck louis I'm close me to hold on she closed her eyes louis I can't hold it please shit ok now and we came at the same time oh god that was the best sex ever I wonlt be able to walk tomaro Probley not but still I'll help you I pulled out and she winced and laid beside her good night Lou good night love.

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