Punk love


12. due date

Louis pov

Brittany's phone kept ringing so I answered it Alexis hello is this Brittany no she's asleep this is louis give the fucking phone to Brittany ok fine Brittany love wake up phone for you ok Lou I'm up.

Brittany's pov

Cov with Alexis

A=Alexis b=Brittany


A:My water broke and Niall is at work

B:shit hold on I'm gonna get you to a hospital

A:ok hurry I'm hurting

Cov over

Louis call Niall why her water broke come on let's go what who's water Alexis oh shit louis get cloths on ok.

Louis pov

I grabbed swets and a t-shirt and put them same as Brittany we took of I done called Niall we got Alexis to the hospital in time shit she's going into labor nurses came and got her only the father is aloud in Niall got here and screamed I'm here who's that I'm the father well come on in Harry and Haley got here next they had sex hair to so me and Brittany don't look that funny then Liam and Nikki got here then Zayn and his new girlfriend Emily got here. How's she doin well she's been in there for a wile ya.

Niall's pov

Push mrs.Horan I tried to tell them that we weren't marred yet but oh well one last push come on babe you can do it then we here'd crying it's a girl what do you won't to name her nicole jasmine Horan sounds good. So hey guys Brittany came in what's his or her name her name is nicole jasmine Horan awwww you made her first name my middle name yup because you of you where here and if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be here awww thanks Alexis you to Niall you guys are the best your welcome louis isn't that sweet yes that is thanks hey Brittany Louis why do you have sex hair uhhhhhh well did you to have sex maybe awww Brittany and Louis had sex finally then the door opened and Jada came in Brittany was holding nicole hey Niall who invited you no one well get your ass out of here.

Louis pov

Brittany I'm tellen dad that you had sex with Louis no you will not you have sex hair and you even smell like louis shut up I'm tellen on you.

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