Punk love


14. dad

Michel's pov

Daddy yes sweetheart you know how Brittany's dating that punk Louis Tomlinson yes they had sex what give me my fucking phone now I'm calling her.

Brittany's pov

*tonight well dance I'll be yours you'll be mine we wonlt look back take my hand and we will shine woo she needs a wild heart I've got a wild heart* shit it's daddy answer it and put it on speaker ok here we go.

Cov with Michel

B-Brittany M-Michel L-louis


M-Brittany your in trouble

L-why is she in trouble

M-well louis because you fucked her with no protection that's why

L-what the hell corse I used protection I don't need kids right now maybe later but not now

M-what ever Brittany your going to live with your mum

B-no please daddy


L-hell if she is she lives with me not you

M-boo I'm sorry but we can't talk anymore

B-b-but why

M-because your too much like your mum bye

B-no daddy

M-don't call me or Jada were moving we will be gone next week come get your stuff if you need advice call your mum.

Cov over

Louis pov

He hung up Brittany had tears running down her face babe com here I picked her up bridal style and took her up stairs and layed her in our bed and covered her up and layed down beside her and let her cry into my chest and then we fell asleep.

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