Punk love


5. car will not start

Shit dad my car will not start well you and jada are screwed no I'm not Niall's picking me up dad ok well your screwed then Brittany ahhhhhh I'm going to cal Louis

Cov with Louis

B:Brittany l:Louis

B:can you come pick me up.

L:maybe why.

B:my car will not start.

L:ya shure babe be there in a min.

B:k thanks.

L:any time babe just call.

B: k.

L:love you Brittany

B:love you to.



Cov over

Ha dad Louis tacking me ok boo dad Louis here ok bye boo see you at school bye dad hey love is that your car yes it will not start I'll help you fix it later ok thanks Lou your welcome lets go love all right lets go.

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