Punk love


6. beating

Niall's pov Jada didn't show up so might as well leave as I'm walking out the door I see jada makein out with tom from school god dam she's sposed to be with me at our date but she has outer plans I grab him by the shirt and slam him agenst the wall and punch him.

Louis pov

So was our date fun love ya that old lady kept staring at us like oh my god he should not curpet her like that ring ring sorry got get this love it's fine Lou

Phone cov


Cop:are you Louis William Tomlinson

Louis:yes I am

Cop:well you have to come and get Niall James Horan out for beating someone to death

Louis:ok be there in a few bye


Phone cov over

Lou why are we going the outher way Niall's in jail oh so we have to get him why can't jada don't know cop didn't say ok

We're here ok let's go get him.

Niall's pov

Brittany and Louis are here yes they came to get me hey Nialler hey britt what's up where getting you out of jail oh thanks 2hrs later so who's ass did you beat now Nialler tom was makein out with jada oh sorry I didn't tell you jadas a slut ill note that britt.

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