Punk love


9. beach

Louis pov

You ready love hell yes come on ok love Brittany and by the way why are you wearing my shorts and superman shirt because it covers my tattoo and my swim suet and there comfy ok make shure your dad does not see it ok honey awwww your so cute love no I'm not I'm fooling you ha oh and the boys and there girls are coming to along with there family's and ours are coming to ok family time yay but jada's gonna be mad Niall's coming oh ya sorry love it's ok let's get out ok Brittany took my clothes off to show her swim suet it's a British flag same as my trunks and I took my shirt off and ran after her.

Harry's pov

I saw Brittany and Louis ruining to the water jada glaring at Niall and Alexis Haley starring at my torso Liam and Nikki had there faces stuck together then I look at Brittany's dad starring at Louis and brittany are looking back at him louis is pissed he can't make out with Brittany she is to there funny.

Niall's pov

Hey Brittany can I talk to you about Alexis ya shure Alexis is pregnant with me kid what do I do shit Niall use a condom much I was drunk ok we both were ahhhh dude well you and Louis have sex don't you no don't be stupid Niall wow first time that's happened to Lou yes it is and calm down well all help you tow loved peps.

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