Punk love


4. assembly

Louis pov

Come on Brittany I'll show you where the gym is since the others left us ok thank you oh and by the way I love your tattoos thank you love any time wow big ya a little we got a new teacher today or football coach today so we get to meet him what is that my dad oh shit it is him he'll kill me if he sees me walking with you man so you gonna run away no then can I meet him uh please fine daddy hey boo this is my friend Louis Tomlinson uh hi sir hey Michel Stevens nice to meet you son you to bye daddy come on tommo Brittany ya he kept staring at my tattoos ya hell Porbley yell at me sorry this is my falt No it isn't

Jada pov

I look down to see Brittany and Louis hugging ewww oh no dad staring I saw win Brittany interdused him dad hates him I can tell.

Brittany's pov

I would like my boo and sweetheart to come down here oh shit what help me Louis hahaha sorry love can't hey daddy hey boo hey sweetheart now can their boyfriends come down here Niall stood and walked down here and stood by jada they intwined their fingers I kept thing hell she has a boyfriend and I don't all of asudn Louis stood.

Louis pov

Haha she has no boyfriend I got pised how dare they make fun of her then I stood and started to walk down and win I got there I gave her a kiss on the forehead turned and put my arm around her she looked shocked what are you doing here Lou she whispers um people were Making fun of you for not havein a boyfriend So I came down here to show them you have me thanks your welcome so boy what is your name Niall James Horan and you Louis William Tomlinson nice names so why do you have tattoos there cool and the piercings don't know about that sir nice to know bye you four oh and do you play football yes we do sir so do our friends good now bye.

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