this is a story about a baby who has a gift and can see ghosts this is a story based on me


3. katy 2 years old

well katys two now and now im starting to wonder if katy can see ghosts becouse she sits on her own and talks and plays by her self.i put her in her play pen and she will sit and talk as if she is talking to someone and when shes in her room i shut the door and i herd the door open i walked over to her room and the door was open i looked over at her coat and she was standing up mumling to her self i looked at her and said what you doing katy she looked at me then at the rocking chair next to her crib wich was slowly rocking back and forward i closed the door ut left it open just a little and watched though the gap was there a ghost looking over my child.i watched for a bit then though nothings going to happen so turned around to go to bed the katy started gigling i look in her room and she was lying down but on her baby grow there was a hand inprint as if someone has storking her tummy 


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