this is a story about a baby who has a gift and can see ghosts this is a story based on me


8. katy 14 years old

ok i know i said i wasnt going to write any more but today i found out more about the ghost boy ive been he still comes and visits me and we were talking we are both 14  and his name is tommy he died when he was 5 he drowned at sea along with his dad he still ages becouse he technocily not dead hes in a coma and has been since he was 5 he took me to the woods to the place he was last whith his dad befor the accedent the place was beautiful the grass as green as limes the lake as blue as the summer sky the air was so fresh it was almost like a dream then he lead me to the hospital to the ward were his was today is his 14th birthday hes parents were standing round his bed with a ballon saying "happy 14th" he looked the same as his ghost only alot more real his parents left and i walked up beside his bed and looked at his name tommy green i knew who he was he was the son of my mums bestfriend my mum told me so much about him ut she would never let me go visit him i went home and told my mum that a ghost boy came and visited me.i said that he led me to the hospitl that the boy was tommy green my mum looked at me with tears in her eyes and walked over to the shelf and took down a box a little wooden box.she gave it to me with a key and on top of the box  was a picture taken of me and tommy together i took the box to my room and opend it inside was pictures of us plying in the pound were tommy took me.i looked though the box and found a note tommy write saying "katy ur always on my mind ur cute thanks" in the letter was a little golden ring i put the ring in my hand and clasped it tight i went back to hospital later that night to see him again the doctor said he could hear me i lent over his bed opend his hand and placed the ring in it i whisperd thank you tommy my little ghost boy and i held his hand just like i had done back when we were little i put my head on his chest and closed my eyes i opend them and looked at the end of his bed tommy the ghost was standing there he smiled and said i told u id never forget then he faded away i got up and went to leave but as i was aout to close the door i heard a faint wisper katy i turned around and lying on the bed was tommy eyes open smiling 

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