Heartless|Luke Hemmings

Destiny is a girl who doesn't have a mother but has a abusive father. She self harms and chooses to be mute everyday. Her mother was the only thing that kept her alive but now that her mother died will she end her life? Until one day she tried jumping of a building a boy saved her, Luke Hemmings. Will Luke save her life in total and let her open up to him or will she stay mute and try ending it again.


4. The Kiss

Hey guys sorry that I haven't been updating that much! School can be a bitch! Anyway onto the story! And if you haven't checked out my Ashton Irwin Book And My Taylor Caniff Book you can check them out if you want! I will be updating those books shortly so stay tuned! And thank you guys so much!

-Jean :)


It was just a dream! It felt so real though! I sighed and ran my hands through my hair before getting up. I looked around the room searching for any sight of the light switch until the room brightened up I saw a sleepy Luke standing by the light switch.

"I'm sorry if I woke you up" I whispered looking down

"Can I ask you a question?" He asked plopping down onto the couch

"You just did" I giggled, I don't know why but I felt like speaking this time. I'm sick of being mute. Luke just chuckled and took my hand in his.

"I know I haven't known you for awhile but it feels like I've known you forever! Don't you get that feeling sometimes?" He asked looking into my eyes

I just nodded and looked down like usual. Still holding onto Luke's hand I started getting this weird feeling in my stomach, what? I never get butterfly's in my stomach! Mum always said if I get butterflies in my stomach that means I love someone that isn't a family member.

"What was your dream about? Because I heard you whisper my name in your sleep when I came downstairs to get some water" he asked and plastered a wide smile across his precious face.

"I dreamed about meeting these 3 guys named Ashton,Michael and Calum" I spoke silently thinking about the dream all over again

"That's funny because I have 3 best friends more like brothers that have the exact same names" he laughed still holding onto my hands

I just giggled with him

"We kinda kissed" I whispered making Luke stop laughing and just look at me

"Did you like it?" He asked but soon covered is mouth

"Yeah I did" I giggled

Luke just removed his hand and stared into my blue crystal eyes making my gaze follow up to his. He smiled and leaned in a bit closer to me until he was close enough that he was touching my nose. I closed my eyes and closed the gap making the best of my first real kiss. We started to kiss more passionately for 2 minutes before Luke pulled away biting my now pink and swollen lips which made me groan. He just laughed it off smiling at me.

Considering that it was like 3:00 in the morning Luke pulled me into his arms and snuggled close towards my body making it heat up in no time. That's when I fell asleep.

In Luke's Strong Arms.................I Was Happy


That was short but I will be updating on this book maybe next week again if I don't have no test or homework to finish! Thanks :)


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