Heartless|Luke Hemmings

Destiny is a girl who doesn't have a mother but has a abusive father. She self harms and chooses to be mute everyday. Her mother was the only thing that kept her alive but now that her mother died will she end her life? Until one day she tried jumping of a building a boy saved her, Luke Hemmings. Will Luke save her life in total and let her open up to him or will she stay mute and try ending it again.


5. The Boys

Yay! You guys are lucky! I'm going to update on 2 chapters today so stay tuned!



"Luke?" Someone whispered making my eyes flutter open to see three boys and a sleepy Luke laying down behind me. I looked up and took in the three boys features. They all looked cute but nothing compared to Luke. I sat up making Luke flutter his eyes open.

"Guys?" Luke asked when he saw that there was company

"Are we disturbing anything?" One with rainbow hair wiggled his eyebrows

"No! I'll explain later, but what are you guys doing here?" He asked still a bit sleepy

"We came over to tell you some great news but then we saw the girl! Just asking what's your name?" The curly haired boy asked

"Destiny" I answered shyly, I've never made friends or even talk to someone! This is new to me, I just gotta get used to it

"Hi Destiny! I'm Calum! That's Ashton And Michael" he spoke pointing out to the two boys while saying their name

"So what's the great news you guys were all excited about?" Luke asked sitting up and grasped my hand from under the blanket so the boys wont see

"Well, Our manager Tony told us we are going on tour!" Calum announced with a huge smile on his face

"Really? When?" Luke got too excited that he started to tighten his grip on my hand

"We are leaving on Friday" Ashton announced (A/N pretend its Wednesday)

"What about Destiny?" Luke asked motioning towards me

"Doesn't she have a place to stay?" Ashton asked

"Do you?" Luke asked turning his head towards me

I just shook my head and looked down

"Well Tony said we can take a extra guest! So Destiny wanna come with us?" Michael asked me hoping I would say yes

Well I would get away from my Dad and that's a good thing so I chose to say



I know its short but yeah!


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