Heartless|Luke Hemmings

Destiny is a girl who doesn't have a mother but has a abusive father. She self harms and chooses to be mute everyday. Her mother was the only thing that kept her alive but now that her mother died will she end her life? Until one day she tried jumping of a building a boy saved her, Luke Hemmings. Will Luke save her life in total and let her open up to him or will she stay mute and try ending it again.


2. Luke

Wind blew through my brown delicate hair when I reached the top of the building. I took one deep breathe and walked over to the edge of the building. I moved my gaze towards my feet seeing that half of it is already of the edge. It's now or never. I took a deep breathe in and exhaled out. Just when I was about to leap over I felt two strong hands wrap around my body preventing me from falling to my death.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT!" I screamed trying to get out of this strangers grip

"Stop, don't jump" he whispered holding me tighter in his embrace

He was warm and cozy, I felt like cuddling up to his strong body and just lay there crying onto his shoulder, that's what I needed now.

"Hey it's ok, come back to my place and I'll make you hot chocolate" he whispered and picked me up bridal style carrying me towards his car.

I started sobbing, just when I wanted to see my mum, some one stops me. It's like no one wants me to be happy.

My sobbing faded and my eye lids begin dripping down make my vision completely black. I didn't fall asleep though, I just layed there taking in every voice every sound that is made, I study the strangers breathing, I almost fell asleep just listening to his breathing, it's so peaceful. I snapped out of my thoughts when the car stopped making jump up from surprise.

"Hey, it's ok, we arrived" he calmed me down and got out the car following around towards my door. I looked lost and damaged, I don't think he would want me in his house. He smiled and carried me again. Once he stepped foot inside the house my body completely warmed up from the heat. He softly layed me down on the comfy couch, bringing me a pillow and some blankets.

"I'll make you your hot chocolate" he smiled and walked towards the kitchen

Why does he care so much? Why did he save me? Did I just make a friend? I was confused and lost. He came back and placed the hot chocolate down on the table before coming over to me with a wet cloth. He begin cleaning all the blood off my body, making me flinch every time he came contact with my skin.

"Sorry" he frowned

I just stared at him, I didn't want to say anything, I choose to be mute remember

"Are you tired?" He asked placing the cloth down, he shifted his eyes up and down my body taking in all the damage my father had caused. His eyes met mine again and took a deep breathe. He stood up and walked over to a closet.

"Here" he smiled holding out t-shirt which I'm guessing is his

I stared down at it and took the fabric from his grasp. I stood up and turned my back towards him, taking off my shirt revealing all the cuts and bruises on my bear back, but covering them when the t-shirt was placed onto my body.

"Do you mind me asking where did you get all those bruises and cuts?" He looked at me suspiciously. I didn't answer, I never answer

"You don't talk?" He asked again standing awkwardly fiddling with his fingers

"Well um I'm going to sleep, if you need anything just come to my room and my name is Luke" he smiled and walked off allowing me to hear his foot step for every step he took.


Next chapter will be better i promise

Hope you enjoyed it xx :)

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