Heartless|Luke Hemmings

Destiny is a girl who doesn't have a mother but has a abusive father. She self harms and chooses to be mute everyday. Her mother was the only thing that kept her alive but now that her mother died will she end her life? Until one day she tried jumping of a building a boy saved her, Luke Hemmings. Will Luke save her life in total and let her open up to him or will she stay mute and try ending it again.


7. lost focus

I cant take this no more! I need to kiss him! But I don't want to loose! Come on Destiny think of a plan! Nope nothing! Ok I cant take this anymore!

I tapped Luke so he was facing me and just when he turned his face I pressed my lips against his making Ashton and Michael whistle from behind us drawing some attention towards us. I smiled Into the kiss making Luke smile as well.

"I win" Luke whispered leaning in getting ready to kiss me again


Once we arrived me and Luke went straight to the limo that was waiting for us. I have to say its pretty cool. Once the boys got into the limo after so long of waiting we finally drove towards the hotel we would be staying in.

We pulled up into the hotel making my mouth drop wide open of how amazing it looked!

"Close your mouth you might catch flies" Luke giggled closing my mouth with his soft hands

We got out of the car while the Hotel staff got our bags. We went into the hotel lobby seeing all the tour crew that will be working with us and might I add there was a girl who add eyes on Luke the whole time we introduced ourselves and turns out she is the assistant stylist, oh great! She will be working with Luke everyday! I'm scared to be honest! I just met Luke and we aren't even together! I think I'm to desperate for happiness that I lost focus of what I'm doing! Should I have kissed Luke? Or the major question, should I have come on tour with someone I met a day ago?


Sorry this ones short but its 1:21 am here and I'm tired but here is chapter 7

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