Heartless|Luke Hemmings

Destiny is a girl who doesn't have a mother but has a abusive father. She self harms and chooses to be mute everyday. Her mother was the only thing that kept her alive but now that her mother died will she end her life? Until one day she tried jumping of a building a boy saved her, Luke Hemmings. Will Luke save her life in total and let her open up to him or will she stay mute and try ending it again.


1. I'm Coming Mum

I've always been told to never listen to people who put you down everyday but everyone knows it's not that easy. Some people have a life that is fantastic and brilliant but some people like me wish they never existed. I'm Destiny White, and this is my story.

I live with my abusive father, but he was never a father to me so I just call him Frank, Frank White. Your probably wondering about my mother well she's dead, died in a car accident when I was five and ever since then Frank has been a mess. That's why he is abusive and gets drunk.

School sucks, I'm a loner, a weirdo or like some people would like to call me is a freak. I choose to be like this, I chose to be mute and keeping my thoughts to myself but sometimes I just want a friend who Is there to listen. But No one even bothered.

I get called names everyday and I believe what they tell me that's why I hurt myself everyday for it. I swear there is like a billion of cuts on my arms and legs but I hide them so no one would see. This is just me, a loner, a freak. Maybe I should just end all the pain that is going through my body.

"RACHET COME DOWNSTAIRS" Frank roared from downstairs making me flinch, he must be drunk again. I sighed and prepared myself for what's going to happen next. Every step I take down the stairs I get more and more frightened. You think I might be use to all this but I'm not.

"Ha look at you, all dark and mysterious, all you are to me is a slave" he scoffed and parted his lips tipping the vodka down his throat clearing all the liquid that was once in the bottle. I closed my eyes when the pieces of glass came flying towards my body, shattering my skin with the tiny pieces of glass that was once a vodka bottle. He just laughed and pushed me towards the ground.

"Pick up the pieces will ya" he ordered and walked upstairs

That's it I'm done. I stormed out of the house and begin sprinting towards the building where my mother died. Tears were now dripping off my face and so was blood. Just when I thought my legs couldn't take it anymore I looked up to see the tall building. It's now or never, I'm coming mum.


Sorry its short but this is the first chapter

Hope you liked it :)

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