goodbye forever


1. my life

ok well my life so far isn't that good i am 14 year old girl i have 4 older brothers that all moved out i  live with my mum and my parents are divorced.i got blue eyes and brawny blond hair my name is Ava and i was brought up in Ireland by my mum.I go and visit my dad in the holidays.

well i guess now is to tell my story of how my life changed when i was 8

well it was in the summer holidays and i went over to England to visit my dad i was so excited i hadn't seen my dad since my mum and him got divorced a year ago when i got of the plan the other side i saw my dad and i ran over and hugged him my dad told me he had a surprise for me.My dad put me in the back of the car and i sat and watched out the dad stopped the car and i saw beautiful yellow golden sand glistering in the sun id never been to the beach before the water sparkled as the sun reflected of the clear  blue sea.Me and my dad were playing in the rock was getting late and my dad told me we were going home.But i didnt want to go home i ran in to the sea not relizing my dad didnt see me all of a sudden i was gone strugglig to breath water everywere panicking when all of  suddent i felt a hand pull me up next thing i knew i was lying on the warm golden sand alone i lifted my head slightly no one in sight then i saw a black figure coming towards me i shouted dad but no awnser i pulled myself to my feet run towards this figure ut as i got closer i relised that it wasnt my dad in fact it wasnt even one person ut two men walking towards me befor i could stop and scream the grabbed me i didnt have the energy to scream any more as they draged me up the beach all i can think of is were is my dad why isnt he here i closed my eyes.i heard the van engin start.Now im not quite sure were i went i dont really remer much but i do rember it was dark and cold there wasnt any light and i was in a small not quit sure how long i was there ut it ws at least 2weeks befor some one put a blind fold on me and put me back in the van the next thing i know i was at the top of my dads road i ran down it and to his front door i knocked on the door and my dad came to the door and picked me up that was the time i thought i had said goodbye to him forever.

well now im 14 and im a happy girl i havent told anyone this story befor and i dont want to tell it again but i wrote this to show that just becouse bad stuff happens to you dosent mean you should give up just get through and let it help you with your life 


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