The Asshole is my Kryptonite

"Stop playing hard to get, Princess. I know you want me." He growled, pushing me against the wall. "In your deepest dreams, asshole." I responded holding his piercing gaze, whilst struggling to keep my breathing at a steady pace due to his close proximity. "Alright, if that's how you want to play the game. But remember, games are my forte." He breathed heavily near my neck, sending involuntary shivers down my spine. He smirked, before he was gone; leaving me to try calm my rosy cheeks as my heart danced to the ticking of the classroom clock.

"Asshole." I muttered, before slipping out of the unoccupied classroom.


1. Truth or Dare?

Hello all! :) Well this is the first chapter of this book and this first chapter is really just to get the ball rolling and start it off but I can promise you it will get interesting...much more interesting. Thank you to everyone who is reading this I truly appreciate it and enjoy!

P.S You dont have to but if you want it would be awesome if you voted or commented so I know what you think. THANK YOU :)

Chapter 1

"Nup." I once again replied with the same response,

"Please Tiff?" My so called best friend nagged once more as if she wasn't a young adult,

"No Cass,"

"C'mon I'm asking nicely,"

"And I'm replying nicely, no." She looked up at me,

'"Tiff." was all she said,


"You know how much I've wanted to go to this party, and I can't go alone, please do this for me." As much as I wanted to sit in bed on a Saturday night cuddled up and reading, she has literally been begging me about this party for the past week and I guess I had to succumb to her nagging ways.

"Fine." she squealed so loud I was sure she burst my ear drums and I rolled my eyes at her immaturity.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You won't regret it!" I've heard that one before.

Within five minutes she had raided my closet and had chosen a short ebony skirt with a bold purple singlet that had the words 'I'm glamorous and I know it' written on it. She then pulled out a pair of black stilettos and looked proud of how she had done.

"I refuse to wear that." I simply said, I mean don't get me wrong it was a nice outfit it just wasn't very Tiffany. She groaned and shot me a glare,

"Be thankful I'm even going. I'm choosing what I'm wearing and that's that."

"Ugh, fine just look presentable! Alright I'm off, thank you again Tiff, and curl your hair!" She yelled her final words before walking out my door. I threw myself onto my bed and couldn't help but wonder how I have been friends with Cass for so long. It started in third grade when our parents worked together, we then actually noticed each other at school and it started with hatred when I wouldn't let her copy my homework, but then it very slowly grew into a friendship. 

Of course now I  have to accept the consequence that comes along with being her friend,  A.K.A going to a party on a Saturday night filled with a bunch of wasted teenagers. This party was one of the biggest of the year, Alex Grays is known for holding some of the craziest parties. Everyone knew they would have the emphasized good party features - loud music, drunk, crazy ass school kids, students making out and the most hilarious/peculiar moments.

The party begins at 10:00pm but of course we had to be fashionably late, giving me a solid two hours to get ready.

And so it begins.

I hopped in the shower and 40 minutes later finally came out feeling refreshed as ever.

I take long showers.

I begun blow drying my hair so I could curl it in time. Once that was done, I then ironed my golden strands one by one, and as I was about to start curling I realized how quiet it was. Dad was at work and this silence was just making me feel uneasy, so I took my phone out of my pocket and plugged it into the pair of speakers dad got my for my birthday last year. I needed up beat music to prepare myself to party. Hm. I scanned through my playlist and my eyes locked onto one song. I clicked play and the pounding beat begun.

"OHHHH YOU BROKE MY HEART" I sang along with Miley to 'F U'. After I blasted the music to full volume I skipped back to the straightening iron and began curling my locks, part by part. I burnt my ear twice as I tried curling and rocking out to the chorus of songs - do not dance and curl your hair at the same time. Noted.

It was 9:50pm by the time I had finished my hair and headed to my wardrobe to get dressed, I slipped on a pair of turquoise tight shorts and tucked in my ebony shirt. I adjusted a black beanie over my curls and applied some light makeup - the more natural the better.

I guess this was presentable.

By the time it was 10:35pm Cass was beeping outside my door, and my boots clacked at every step I took towards the car.

I smiled at Cass when I stepped into the passenger seat and she looked me up and down,

"Not bad... Not bad at all." she said with a smile.

"You're not too bad yourself." We both knew that was an understatement. Cass looked as beautiful as always, She was wearing a maroon crop top on a pair of black shorts and burgundy wedges. Her hair was curled half up, half down, and her makeup was quite bold. Like I said, 'not too bad' was the understatement of the year..

After we made sure I brought my phone in case dad called, we drove off and managed to get to Alex's by 10:50pm, fashionably late. As we parked down the road, I could hear the music from where we were. Oh the joy of parties. I looked at my best friend but she merely grinned at me and begun walking towards this crazy home.

The house was a large white one with two big doors, there were people making out around the corner of it and students from my school were dancing on the road. Were they asking for a death wish?

As I walked inside, I strode by Cass' side stepping over the empty red cups that once held alcohol, almost making me want to already leave this place. There was a group of people playing pool, another bunch of drunks dancing, well I assumed they were dancing, and one group sitting in what looked like the basement in a circle, that was our group. Cass pulled me towards our group and dragged me down so I could sit by her.

The group consisted of the football jocks. The guys that every girl wanted to be with and every guy wanted to be - the well known stereotype. The rest of the group were the cheerleaders, there were the stereotypical rude, stuck up ones, which we didn't even speak to, then there were the beautiful but kind-hearted ones, they were the ones that sat with us. To be honest I wasn't that close with everyone in my group but I guess I didn't have any enemies in it.

As we greeted everyone in our group we all begun talking. Somehow that led to Travis suggesting that we play truth or dare, and although in middle school that may seem like a harmless fun game, with the group that I had it was far from that. When everyone shockingly agreed to play, Travis started off the game by asking Trina.

"Truth or dare?" he asked with a grin on his face.

It seemed as though it finally dawned on her that this wasn't the best idea. "Uh, dare?" she stuttered. Bad idea.

"I dare you to put a handflu of ice down your bra." Her eyes went wide as everyone chuckled,

"C'mon Travis her nipples are going to freeze." I tried to defend her.

"A dare is a dare.". Trina rolled her eyes and stood up and walked towards the freezer taking out a couple ice cubes and putting them down her crop top. She inhaled sharply and we all couldn't help but laugh. Once Trina sat back down Travis began talking again, although I wish he hadn't,

"Due to the fact that you came to Trina's defence you can be asked by Kyle." I shot him a glare but looked towards Kyle.

"Hm Tiff, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth." I replied almost instantly bearing in mind Trina's fate after she said dare, who now had water dripping out of her shirt.

"Due to the fact that you're a good friend of mine I'll go easy on you. Who is the sexiest guy in our group?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows. Of course he was going to ask such an immature question, but I had to hand it to him, it was a tough one.

I scanned the circle each guy smirking or winking at me. Some of them had the flawless face, strong jaw line, beautiful eyes and were well groomed. Others had the firm toned body, good tan, were well built and a nice height. The issue was not many of them had both, it was difficult to find a guy with a strong jaw line, beautiful eyes, was well groomed, good tan, was built and was a reasonable height. My eyes finally locked onto Miles (well I think that was his name), although I haven't spoken to him much it was evident that he had quite a lot of attitude, and I wasn't a fan of that.

Beside the attitude he was quite fine - like gossip-with-your-friends-how-hot-he-is fine. He had auburn hair and ocean blue eyes, his body was drool worthy and he wasn't too tall neither too short, he was well known at our school and has been asked to go to formal by over 12 different girls, each one was rejected in the nicest way possible but with the same response. He was waiting for 'the right girl'. I am boggled by who 'the right girl' is ever going to be for him, since all he does is sleep around. I mean he has only had one girlfriend and he took it pretty hard when she broke up with him but I'm pretty sure he has slept with every girl in our grade - including Cass; every girl but me.

Gossip goes around my school fast.

After glancing at everyone once more I let out a huff and finally spoke, "if I had to choose someone I guess it would have to be Miles."

Miles smirked at me but I only flipped him the finger while other guys shook his hand and others cursed at him.

I will never understand the male race.

Before we could have another round my phone rang and I stood up to leave the constant chatter and picked up when I entered another room.

After a couple minutes I hung up the phone after hearing that dad wanted me home before 12:30, I walked back towards my group. And they all looked up at me,

"Geez, I didn't murder someone why is everyone looking at me? And Cass we need to get home by 12:30." I sat back down and Cass nodded at me. After talking some more, playing a couple games and straight up partying, everyone decided it was time to return home.

Once I arrived home I said my goodbyes to Cass and went inside. After greeting dad and chatting with him for a bit I went upstairs, but not before dad told me that my mail had been left on my desk. As I got changed into warm pj's, I skipped towards my desk and picked up my mail, throwing myself onto my bed. I had a few phone bills and school notices, but I also had a white envelope that had the words 'TO TIFFANY' on the front. I shrugged thinking it was probably another detention from school but tore it open anyway. The paper was coarse and written on it was;

'Dear Tiffany, 
I just want to say thank you for saying I have 'ocean blue eyes' and a 'drool worthy' body. It truly does make me feel loved.
P.s you need to work on the whole 'keeping your thoughts to yourself' thing. 
Love from your hot neighbour,
Miles the great'

Oh my gosh. I did not actually call him 'drool worthy' out loud did I? No I couldn't have. Could I? Oh gosh I just made his already big ass ego even bigger which I never thought was possible. And has he always been my neighbour? Gosh I should focus more shouldn't I?

As I realized I probably should stop talking to myself,  I put the letter on my bed side table and shut the lights, laying down on my bed again and allowing the darkness of sleep to take over my tiresome body.

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