The Asshole is my Kryptonite

"Stop playing hard to get, Princess. I know you want me." He growled, pushing me against the wall. "In your deepest dreams, asshole." I responded holding his piercing gaze, whilst struggling to keep my breathing at a steady pace due to his close proximity. "Alright, if that's how you want to play the game. But remember, games are my forte." He breathed heavily near my neck, sending involuntary shivers down my spine. He smirked, before he was gone; leaving me to try calm my rosy cheeks as my heart danced to the ticking of the classroom clock.

"Asshole." I muttered, before slipping out of the unoccupied classroom.


3. Ride in the death cab

Chapter 3

Sleep is sacred. I think that's a well known fact, especially when it comes to me. So when its 6:30am and I am being awoken by someone pelting rocks at my window I am not a happy chappie. It takes approximately four minutes before I realize who ever the hell this person is isn't giving up but I sure am going to make sure they wish they did. As I threw myself out of the warm comfort of my bed and stomped towards the window while trying to tame my blonde bed hair down. I tear open the curtains and see that instead of coming face to face with someone that I'm prepared to drop a brick on, I am faced with a white paper held up through the window a couple meters from me that read,

'You really shouldn't mess with someone who lives right next door to you sweetcheeks. Give me detentions and sleep shall be lost.'

There were two cobalt orbs glistening from the owner of my awful morning. His chestnut coloured hair was messy and it was visible he had just gotten out of bed and was wearing a pair of baggy sweatpants. His upper body was shirtless and the sight nearly made me forget the fact that he had awoken me. Nearly.

To be honest I actually never even realized I was neighbours with Miles, it wasn't really my fault though since my family weren't really ones to socialize with our neighbours. For once I was quite glad about that. The jerk had the nerves to smirk at me and that only angered me more. I grabbed the most useless book near me, (which took a little longer than it should have since every one of my books was like a baby to me) which was based on molecular evolution and with all my power threw it towards him. He of course was shocked at first, I mean who wouldn't be when having a three hundred page book explaining the composition of cellular molecules thrown at them. He skilfully dodged it with a smug smirk and began writing something on the back of the paper.

Within a couple seconds it was held back up and in black sharpie the words 'Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed today geez'. I rolled my eyes because he knew exactly why I was so mad and walked over towards my desk. I picked up a blue sheet of paper and in my own black marker wrote 'Wake me up early ever again and your own life will be at risk Sole.' I walked over towards the window and held it up seeing an amused sparkle in his eyes and he once again wrote something down. I took the chance to quickly take a look in the mirror and not too surprised my hair looked like a bird decided to take home in it. I shrugged and walked back to the mirror seeing another note being held up. This one read 'Alright sweetcheeks, whatever helps you sleep at night. But hurry and get ready I'm taking you to school.' I rolled my eyes and on the back of my paper wrote my own little note. 'Not having rocks thrown at my window helps me sleep, and who said I want you to take me to school?'

'There is no car in front of your house and I am almost certain that you aren't too eager on walking to school. Plus who wouldn't want to ride with this' as I read that part he gestured up and down himself and I visibly gagged, 'Now go get ready before I make you' With that he closed his window and shut the curtains but not before winking, nearly causing my dinner from last night to come up. As much as I hated to admit it I really was not that excited about walking to school since my car was at the mechanics and although getting in a car with Miles practically guaranteed the end of me, I knew that pest would only irritate me even more.

As I walked towards the bathroom I washed my face and got dressed into a simple pair of maroon jeans with a white singlet and a black cardigan. I threw my hair up into a ponytail and within seconds I heard  knocking on the door. I picked up my compact backpack and begun treading down the stairs only hearing the light taps on the door turn into a strong thumps.

As I opened the door before it got broken down I was faced by a smirking Miles dressed in a simple pair of dark grey jeans with a white shirt that hugs his toned figure. I glared at him but he obviously didn't seem too fazed by that since he only gave me a dimpled smile, which most girls would swoon over, but for me it only made me want to bury his head fifty feet underground due to the fact that he thinks it's okay to disturb my sleep.

I think we have established that I'm not a morning person. I'm only 350% more uglier and 700% madder.

Earlier I had said that entering a vehicle with Miles guaranteed my death, I wasn't joking. We were currently driving at what seemed like four times the speed limit and I was clutched onto the seat as if my life depended on it, which it kind of did, with curse words flying out of my mouth.

"Slow the hell down!" were the only words I managed to get out before shutting my eyes tight again,

"Live a little sweetcheeks" He chuckled not slowing down like I ordered. Before I could curse at him again he had very swiftly swerved into an empty parking spot in front of the school causing me to once again seal my eyes. I could hear him unbuckle himself from his seat and open his door,

"You can open your eyes now, you're welcome for the ride"

I opened one eye making sure that we hadn't crashed into anything before opening both, "Yeah thanks heaps for the ride in this death cab of yours. Delinquent jerk." I muttered as I left the car and walked towards my locker.

I went through the day like any other but you could say I wasn't that elated when I had detention at the end of the day. I had better things to do than be stuck in a room with a snoring teacher and the ass who got me stuck here in the first place. Throughout all of detention I was constantly receiving notes like 'So, want to play a prank on the teacher?' and 'I think he's drooling'. To say the least I was quite amused, but I was trying to read and the guy didn't seem to understand that.

Once the alarm next to the now startled teacher rang, we were dismissed and I collected my stuff and begun walking out of class, Miles following soon behind, the guy was like an infuriating leech I just couldn't get rid of.

"So am I driving you home too sweetcheeks?" To be honest I never really thought of how I would get home, I had texted dad telling him that I was going to be late since I had detention, but he can't pick me up because of work. Something I am positive of is that there is no way I am entering Miles' car again.

"Thanks, but I'd rather walk home than enter that life threatening vehicle with you ever again" and with that I begun walking out of the school gates taking a left.

"Other way sweetcheeks" I turned around to see Miles leaning on his car smirking smugly.  Oh what I would do to take that smirk of his face!

I walked back into school and stomped my feet like the mature adult that I was, hearing Miles begin to laugh behind me and stared daggers at the jerk as he rose his hands up in defense,

"Hey, the car ride offer is still up" he said but I still refused to enter a car with him after this morning, but I knew Cass had dance class and I really didn't want to bother everyone else in the group leaving my only option to be the arrogant asshole in front of me.

"Listen here Sole. Due to you being my final resort, if I enter the vehicle with you, you will abide by the speed limits. No speeding or passing through red lights understood?" I said with authority,

"No ones forcing you to come with me, so you will kindly ask me for a ride instead of ordering me around... understood?" He mocked me but there was no way in hell I was sucking up to him.

"You wish Sole" I scoffed,

"Alright have fun walking" he walked towards his car and just about to enter it I spoke up,

"Okay fine, ill ask nicely! Can you please take me home Miles?" Good job on the whole 'not sucking up to him' thing Tiff.

"All you had to do was ask sweetcheeks jump in." 


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