The Asshole is my Kryptonite

"Stop playing hard to get, Princess. I know you want me." He growled, pushing me against the wall. "In your deepest dreams, asshole." I responded holding his piercing gaze, whilst struggling to keep my breathing at a steady pace due to his close proximity. "Alright, if that's how you want to play the game. But remember, games are my forte." He breathed heavily near my neck, sending involuntary shivers down my spine. He smirked, before he was gone; leaving me to try calm my rosy cheeks as my heart danced to the ticking of the classroom clock.

"Asshole." I muttered, before slipping out of the unoccupied classroom.


6. Princess Disaster

Chapter 6

Geography. The subject where the teacher can talk on and on for an hour and no matter what she says I will still sit there doodling little tornadoes. So when the bell went for the end of school you can guess how excited I was to leave this hell hole. Of course the second I walked out Miles was waiting there. He'd been doing this for the past week, walking me back and forth from each period.

"Hello asshole" I greeted before I continued to walk past him,

"Hey there loser" he replied before we begun walking me towards the car park,

"How was your day sweetcheeks?" he continued

"Same, same I guess, yours?"

"Yeah, not too bad"

We had arrived at the car park and I said my goodbyes. I was walking home once again since dad had needed the car to drive to work. We've only had one car ever since mum had passed away. Money's been tough, sometimes worse than others but we've always managed to get through it.

Before I could continue walking, Miles had grabbed onto my arm, spinning me to face him.

"I will not allow you to walk home, when I could simply drop you off sweetcheeks"

"Miles it's honestly okay, it's only a ten minute walk" I begun,

"Get in the car"

"No" I said folding my arms, yes I was being stubborn but there was no need for him to drive me.

"Alright, I didn't want to have to do this." I looked at him, confusion etched across my whole face. Before I knew it he had lifted me off my feet, and thrown me over his shoulder. Thankfully most people had already left since our bickering did waste quite a lot of time.

"Let me down you moron!" I shouted,

"No can do princess" I huffed and crossed my arms knowing all the flailing of my arms wouldn't actually make a difference.

I grimaced at the new nickname, "I think I liked sweetcheeks better"

"Exactly why I'm going to start using princess." He had finally put me down in front of the passengers door but still stood in front of me so that I couldn't leave if I wanted to.

"I was not fond of that" I spoke, referring back to what he had done earlier.

"I know, now get in" he replied, a grin evident on his face.

I glared at him before entering the car with a frustrated sigh, my hands returning back into a fold. He entered the car glancing at me before revving the vehicle to life.

"C'mon princess, I'm sorry, it was just the only way to get you into the car" He spoke up. I turned to face away from him. I heard him let out a sigh before the engine of the car came to a stop.

"Tiff, I'm sorry, I won't do it again and we aren't leaving this car park until you speak to me", I let out a sigh, gosh I need to stop being so stubborn,

"It's okay, I've just had a long day" was all I replied with before I could feel us finally departing from the school car park.

"Well do I have a treat for you, we are going to a party" I scoffed and replied with a simple no. He looked shocked to say the least,

"What why?"

"I don't know, I guess I just don't like spending time at a place where people are wasted, passed out or having their lips sucked off by someone else" I retorted,

"Okay firstly, I do not appreciate the sarcasm. Secondly, you went to Alex's why can't you go to this one?"

"I was forced to go to Alex's by Cass, it's not like I wanted to" I spat. I've never been fond of parties. Ever since mum was hit by a delusional drunk driver, simply the sight of alcohol makes me sick.

"Look princess I'm not going to force you to go, I just think it'll be good for you." The sincerity was obvious in his voice, something I've only ever heard a couple of times. I let out a sigh,

"Fine, I guess it wouldn't do any harm" I finally agreed, yet for some reason my gut was telling me I shouldn't have. But once again Miles was smiling, not smirking, not grinning but smiling so I guess it made up for it.

After another couple minutes I had arrived home and thanked Miles for the ride. Once again, oh so shockingly dad wasn't home. As I entered my room I took my hair out of the tight ponytail it had been in all day and shook my hair allow my loose curls to fall lightly on my shoulders. My phone vibrated in my back pocket and I took it out expecting a text from Cass.

Drool worthy hottie: Look out your window princess.

Drool worthy hottie? Miles. When did we exchange numbers? I have no idea.

I walked over towards the window and swung open my curtains. Once again taped to the window was a white note with Miles obscure handwriting on it.

Pick you up at 10pm sharp

Alright buddy.

Don't think so asshole, I'll just go with Cassidy

I wrote that up on blue crafts paper and held it against the window. Within seconds Miles had tore off his paper and was writing something down. I couldn't help but look intently as each one of his back muscles tensed at every movement he made. Of course he was shirtless.

Cass is coming with me princess

Darn it! I quickly wrote down my reply and held it up.

Fine. I guess I just won't come to the party.

His smug expression soon dropped and he furrowed his eyebrows, before he disappeared from my sight and after a couple seconds returned with a paper that had writing on it.

C'mon princess please? You told me you would come when we were in the car.

I couldn't help but have the feeling of guilt wash over me. I did say I would come. Of course my conscience wouldn't allow me to just ditch him. So once again I grabbed one of the navy papers and wrote my note to him.

Ugh fine. I'll be ready by 10. Thank you. By the way you do know it's not illegal to wear a shirt right?

He had an arrogant smirk displayed on his face before he quickly scribbled down a couple words.

Good. and I know I just know you like it better this way. Now I have to go for a jog, be ready by 10pm.

P.S. your hair looks good like that princess.

With that he shut the curtains, leaving me flustered once again. Was I flustered because he probably caught me staring? Or was it because he liked my hair? I was thinking way too far into this.

It was currently 6:30 which didn't leave me with that long to get ready. I decided to just leave my hair as it was and begin to apply some light make up. I was about to get dressed into a simple pair of skinny jeans when Cass called.

"So I heard that you are coming to the party, which is fab, but knowing you, you'll want to wear jeans and some jumper. No. You will wear the maroon skater skirt and the black singlet top you wore to my house the other day." She ranted before I could even speak.

"Well hello to you too" I greeted.

"Yeah, hi did you get all that?"

"Yes Cass I did, but I don't really want to comply."

"You will comply because I'll be mad if you don't and you love me." Gosh she was bossy, but I had gotten used to it by now and learnt it was easier to just agree than argue.

"Fine. But I will not wear heels."


"I'll see you soon, I need to finish getting ready."

"Alright, thank you Tiff!" and with that she hung up. I threw my phone on the bed and walked towards my wardrobe picking out the once neatly folded skater skirt and ebony singlet top. I put them on and took a quick look in the mirror and tugged my skirt down, I felt so...bare.

I slipped into my flats, took my phone and went downstairs, opening the TV in hope to kill time until Miles arrived. After twenty minutes or so, Miles' car was beeping outside my house and I had written a little note for dad, who should be coming home soon, telling him where I was.

I hopped into the passenger seat and he looked me up and down. I felt quite conscious of my self and what I was wearing so folded my arms over my chest. I guess he could tell so he instantly stopped all the staring and begun talking,

"You look good princess." for some reason his words didnt reach his eyes, but of course a simple compliment like that caused my cheeks to turn a light scarlet colour.

"Thanks, so do you." I replied genuinely. He was wearing a tight navy plaid shirt with a nice pair of jeans and it seemed as though his hair had actually been brushed for once. With that we took off to Cass' house, the awkward tension that was once there disappearing swiftly. Once we had picked Cass up we drove towards the dreaded house.

We had parked a couple blocks down since there were was no closer parking space and begun the walk.

"Bet you wish you didn't wear heels now, aye Cass?" I remarked, glad I had enough logic to wear flats. She rolled her eyes at my comment and within a couple minutes we had arrived at a large, beige building.

The all too familiar smell of alcohol was thrown into my face and I really just wanted to get this night over with. Miles grabbed my hand causing a bizzare shiver to go through me. As we ventured further into the house Miles was being greeted from all directions by different people.

After dancing, singing/shouting and a lot of laughter with Miles we decided it was time to leave.

"I'll go look for Cass then meet you out front" he looked reluctant at first,  but soon agreed. Once I searched down stairs I slowly treaded up the busy stairs I looked in each room to try find Cass shouting her name in all directions. As I stepped into the final room of the house I quickly checked the en suite, but to my confusion I could hear the door shut from behind me. As I walked back into the main bedroom I was faced with a shirtless Adrian sitting on the bed. Do guys not own any shirts these days?

He stood up taking a step towards me which only caused me to take one back. He continued this until my back was against a wall.

"Hey baby," he towered over me his breath smelling of alcohol.

"Go away Adrian your drunk" I spat at him, holding my ground.

"Aw babe you don't have to put on an act anymore, I know you want me."  I grimaced at his words but I was soon frozen when his hand touched my thigh.

Oh no. No, no, no!

I tried to push him away but he was an athletic runner so there was nothing I could do. As I looked at him, tears filling the brim of my eyes, I did the one thing I could do.

I screamed.  His hand stiffened on my thigh but it started rising further up, causing me to squirm under his figure. Tears were now spilling out of my eyes and I had never felt so violated.  He begun tugging on the end of my skirt and I shut my eyes tight. I screamed and squealed trying to make as much noise as possible.

Without even realizing, Adrian was thrown off of me and I heard a light crack. As I very slowly opened my eyes I saw a red faced Gabe, with Adrian on the floor with what seemed to be a broken jaw. I slid down the wall shaking uncontrollably, holding my knees close to my chest and sobbed, I felt disgusted. I felt scared. I felt vulnerable.

I heard a dial tone and within a couple seconds someone had run into the room locking the door behind them. No. No I will not go through that again. I can't. As the footsteps approached me the shaking increased.

"Princess?" I let out a sigh of relief but still winced when he touched me. I could hear him sit himself next to me and as I looked up he was staring at me with distressed eyes. As much as I wanted to tell him I was okay, I didn't even know if I was. He hugged me close against him and although I was quite uncomfortable with the close proximity at first, I soon grew content with it. I weeped into his shirt and could feel him rubbing circles on my back.

"Shh, it's going to be okay princess, " he soothed. I only shook my head in response.

"Let's get you home."


Hello all! First of all I want to apologize for the kind of late update, the hell of school has begun!
Anyway this was a bit of a serious chapter but I guess I needed a bit of a break since last chapter was kinda crazy :)
Thank you to everyone who is still reading, it truly means a lot to me and if you comment I actually get ecstatic. Thank you to everyone who is still reading and please comment or vote it truly means a lot.
Love you all my lovelies xo

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