How I Plan My Life.

I woke up and knew my best friend would have her boy friend tangled with her in the bed sheets. This was the life I chose to live. Get away from my hometown and start fresh, both done now what am I going to do about her. I was already running late just like every morning.

"Get out of bed were late!" I screeched opening her blinds.
"Come on come on." I said clapping my hands.
"It's Australia Day babe." She said not a care in the world. Public holiday means double pay. She should have learnt this already.

Living here wasn't how I planned it when I lived back home at the age of 15, but honestly I wouldn't ever change it for the world.


1. Were Running Late

Throwing her dress on she knew she was running late

"Living on your own is tough Hannah." She mimics her mums voices over and over again as she brushes her hair. A splitting image of her dad with her older brothers personality. With only short brown hair she could never make it look pretty it just sat there.

"Hannah will you stop saying that your mum was right we will make this work!" Bryanna called from her bedroom rolling over coving her ears. The two girls met in Kindy and now they just started renting an apartment together to get away from their hometown, it didn't work though even with living together they never had their time it was always work or study. After all the bills did have to be payed. Once Hannah's hair was brushed she left it and went to check her phone expecting her mum to say the money had been transferred it of corse never was. As she locked the phone her boss called throwing it on the bed she couldn't get away fast enough. Her phone kept ringing over and over again. 5 missed calls caused her to snap

"Get up for work boss keeps calling my phone we need to go in early double pay today since it's Australia Day!" She yelled into the other room. Quickly taking off last nights make up to put on her work face Hannah was ready to go, of corse Bryanna was still in bed.

"Will you just get up." Hannah whispered to her self before walking into her roommates room to find her fast asleep and the cover on the floor.

"Get up work time." Hannah said poking Bryanna's arm to wake her up. Quickly being a light sleeper Bryanna woke up. Again always falling asleep that girl.

"No time for a shower." She was told while clothes were thrown at her.

"Put on your work uniform we have to get going." Hannah said giving Bryanna a mug of coffee.

"Get ready were leaving in five." Hannah said exiting Bryanna's room closing the door on the way out. It took all of two minutes for Bryanna to reopen the door dressed and ready for work.

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