She's not gone

"HIDE HER" the king yelled at Niklaus. The little 8 year old boy grabed Anastasia's hand forcefully and run out of the fighting sight. They came. The Mortal Criminals told the truth. They will murder every single person in the empire until they find and kill her.
In that night, the whole royal family died, but Anastasia wasn't one of the bodies. Where is she?


2. *~2~*

Prezent Time...

"Ana you're going to be late AGAIN!" Miranda,her foster mother, screamed at the bottom of the stairs. Ana was all she has left. Her husband died in World Warr II and they didn't have children. She was very happy when she found Ana under some bushes near her house.

A tall beautifull girl was trembling down the stairs with a bag in a hand and her phone in the other one. She looked quite funny.

"Look. I'm here now and ready to go!" Ana said when she regain her balance.

Miranda took another couple of seconds to look at her. Ana's hair was a pitch black mess ,like always, her eyes were sparkling like diamonts and her trusty jeans didn't let her down.

"Mom! Stop starring!" Ana said blushing

Miranda was still looking at her. When she found her in the bushes, Ana looked like a lost puppy. That was ten years ago, when she was 8. Miranda raised her like she was her own. She never told Ana the real story. She thought she was her daughter.

"Mom?" Ana was waving her hand in front of Miranda's face to wake her up from her daytime dreaming.

In the end, Miranda gave Ana the car keys so she can go to school, although she was already very late.

Speeding down the roads, Ana was trying to make it to the third period.


She broke in front of a guy standing in the middle of the road.

"Are you crazy? I could've killed you!" Ana screamed at the guy. But he didn't answer. The people that saw the scene were silent.

"What's theirs problem? They would want me to kill him?" Ana thought.

But a little girl broke the silent.

"Who were you talking to?"

"To the guy milimetres away from my car" Ana answered.

But the mistery guy was gone and Ana was speechless.


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