She's not gone

"HIDE HER" the king yelled at Niklaus. The little 8 year old boy grabed Anastasia's hand forcefully and run out of the fighting sight. They came. The Mortal Criminals told the truth. They will murder every single person in the empire until they find and kill her.
In that night, the whole royal family died, but Anastasia wasn't one of the bodies. Where is she?


1. *~ 1 ~*

The night of the murder was horrible. Thousands of inocent people were killed by The Mortal Criminals for nothing, but they wanted one thing and that thing was well hidden at the order of her father, the king. He knew how special Anastasia was and how much power she has. Aswell as her grand-grand-grand-grand grandmother, Anastasia has full powers. It's very rare, quite imposible. The Mistic Tellers say that she can bring peace all over the world as well as distroying it by one touch of the ground.

When Anastasia was born, the royal family keeped it a secret. It went very well 7 years until her bigger brother betraided his family to joint The Mortal Criminals because he was jelous of her sister. And that's how they found out.

By the end of the night, the criminals murdered 99% of the royal family: the king, the pregnant queen and Anastasia's little siblings John, Flin and Mariah. They thought Mariah was Anastasia so the stopped killing people and instead they took the throne and the whole empire became theirs.




"Ana run!" Nicklaus screamed at her. But she was tired and very sleppy.

"Please,please,please, Ana! I don't want you to get us killed!" he continued.

But she passed out and the little boy couldn't do anyrhing anymore. Nick hid Ana under some bushes.

"Take care of yourself!" he wispered kissing her forehead. Then he was gone.



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