Writing Is Like Magic

This is more of a short story than a poem but I wrote this in just a few minutes and I caught the hearts of a few people on facebook and Eliteskills...I hope you enjoy and tell me what you thought! :)


1. Writing Is Like Magic

"So tell me son, what do you want to be when you grow up?" The man asked the boy.

"A writer." The boy responded quickly.

The man sat up and crossed his arms. "Now why do you want to be a writer?" He asked. "Is it to become famous?" The man continued.

"No sir, I want to write to make people smile." The boy told the man.

"What about money? If this is a career you want,...Won't you want to become rich? Maybe even retire?" The man asked the boy.

"Sir? May I tell you something?" The boy asked.

"Go ahead." The man said.

 "Money may buy you nice cars, amazing houses, and alot of amazing things but money can't buy the smiles on peoples faces when they read peoples stories." The boy said.

"I see...Well what can anything buy without money?" The man asked.

"Happiness, joy, euphoria...There is alot of stuff that is free that you can achieve without money. Writing a story is like magic." The boy told the man.

"You know what? You are right about that. Remember this...With a pen and some paper...You can perform magic. Supernatural magic." The man told the boy.

"But sir, supernatural magic isn't real." The boy responded.

"When you go home. Get a pen and some paper...Think up some crazy idea in your head. Get the characters, the setting, the details, and start writing. Next day when you come to school tell me how your dream world looked." The man said.

With that the boy was speechless.

Writing is like magic. Every time you write you leave earth and go into your own dream world where anything can happen. with a pen and a piece of paper.

     -Lance Bonner

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