Sex Slave!


2. What did I do..?

Sierras P.O.V

" Will you at least not tell anyone about this, what did I do..?" I start to cry. " Stop your fucking crying!" He slaps me. " I'm sorry!" I whimper in pain :(. " You seem though, and you seem to not mind will we are fucking" he said smiling. " because I'm having sex it feels good what am I suppose to do yell out for help and try to get off!" I yell! " Ahh Fisty. I like that :)" he reply's. " Shut up! I don't like you and never will!" I yell at him! " You know you like this sexyness" he rubs his stomach. " No!! I don't like that what you call sexyness!" I reply. " You will!" He pulls out a gun. " Ooh a gun! So scary!" I reply. " Your really not scared of this..?" He points at the gun. " Nah because you act like your a fucking bad ass, but really your a fucking whimp, who acts like he's the shit" I yell. He pushes down the trigger and bubbles come out. I laugh " OMG! Bubbles that really scares me" I try to stop laughing. " Look ok! My little sister was here! And she left her bubble gun" he say's putting down the gun. " Yeah! Blame it on your sister!" I laugh. " And what's your point here!" He ask upset and kinda embarrassed. " What my point is, that all your doing is being a nun scary bitch right now! And that you act like your a bad ass but really inside your a fucking loser! Who no one will ever like" I say back. " You know your really rude and you will pay for that!" He gets closer to me. " what are we doing..?" I fight back. " Fucking" he reply's. He kisses me and kisses my neck. " Is this all you know how to do..?" I ask. " what are you talking about" he takes of my shorts and slap my ass. I jump " I'm talking about having sex! Is that all you want" I ask him. " Yes! I'm a teenage boy and I am Horney as fuck" he yells, starting to take off my underwear. " But I'm not! Why can't you leave me alone! What did I do" I yell. " you did noting! Your just really pretty! And your super skinny. And you look super sexy! And I just wanted to make you my sex slave!" He reply's. " You pussy" I yell. " well I am what I eat" he reply's and start to finger me. " Omg!" My eyes roll to the back or my head. He rubs me harder. I scream in pleasure. "I knew you would like that" he reply's taking of his pants and I get on my knees and suck his dick. I chock on going down to far. " Suck it hard" justin says. He takes of my bra and we get in a position. I'm sucking his dick and he's eating me out. After 10 minutes of that. I lay down on the couch and he starts to enter me. " Ahh" I yell. He goes deeper and I let out a tear. " Omg it hurts" I cry. He slows down " is that better" he ask me. " Yeah thanks" I reply. " your welcome" maybe he is a good guy


Hope ya like it.

Sorry I haven't updated in forever

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