Sex Slave!


1. Sex Slave

Maddies P.O.V

I was waking home on a hot summer night. The city of Brooklyn, it is a terrible city to live in. I walked down the street of 212 Abraham road, as I turned the corner I seen something I didn't want to see, someone being stabbed 😢. A old guy killing a girl my age, he seen me and I ran, and ran! I tripped of a crack and feel on the ground,

" Little Girl! Come here now! Haha I got you now" He caught my leg and put the gun to my head. " You tell a fucking soul about this! And your dead" his breath smelt like onions and he had 3 missing teeth. I was scared for my life and wanted to cry.

" Hey buddy!" I guy said standing infront of me. The old, ugly man looked up and the young man hit him and grabbed me, and ran me to a car. " You keep your mouth fucking shut!" He yelled at me! " You just helped me" I yell back. " Your not yelling at me are you!" He pulls a knife out. " don't kill me please" I cry. " I won't kill you but you have to do everything I say! If you don't your dead!" He yelled! " Ok but why are you doing this" I asked crying. " Because your pretty! And sexy! Your my new Sex Slave" he said laughin

" Wait?! What?!! I'm not your Sex Slave" I yell

" It's either you fuck me hard, or I kill you" he yelled taking me inside of a house.

" I'm not ready for this!" I cry out loud.

" but I am, we start tomorrow!" He said throwing me in a bedroom and handing me some of his shorts and a shirt! " Change! Your sleeping with me tonight!" He yelled. " Ok where's the bathroom..?" I asked. " follow me." He said " ladies first" I walk out first.

" right here my dear, I will watch you change. My Sex Slave!" He walks in with me and I get undressed In front of him. He pulls me back and sits my on his dick. " Your goona be inside of me tonight, I may have said tomorrow but I changed my mind" He started to kiss me neck and I let out a moan. He starts to suck my tits and pull of the shorts he gave me, he put two fingers in side of me and I start to moan loud. " Omg!" I scream, " get down here and suck my dick" he said to me, I got on my knees and suck his dick. " get up on the sink" he puts me on the sink and comes inside of me. I start to cry. " it's hurts" I cry. " I'll be careful" he comes in me slowly. And 2 hours later he finally Cum, " your very good in bed" he said. " Thank I guess" I start to cry. " what's wrong..?" He asked, " I lost my v-card to my Sex Owner" I cry.


I hope you like it. Comment If you want me to continue...

Xoxoxo Bieber_babe_XD

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