A Very Important Date

What more can I really say?


1. A Very Important Date

"Anna do you know what today is?" Kristoff asked his long term girlfriend.

"No what," she responded with a giggle.

"It's someone's birthday! Somewhere, someone! And I think we should celebrate!" Kristoff said. Anna giggled more. He always made up excuses to celebrate and have parties.

"Celebrate how?" Anna asked, curious. It was something new everyday.

"Hmm...something different today. Today is an important birthday to someone, I can feel it. So no party. No, we should celebrate a little differently," Kristoff said with confidence. She always wondered how he had so much confidence all the time.

She tilted her head slightly. "What do you mean?"

"Well how about we stay inside all day. Yes a lock in. In our room. We can get some snacks, some movies, and really just have a great day! It's only morning! But once we have everything no leaving this room all day, until midnight. Some celebration huh?" Kristoff said.

"Oh Kristoff, that sounds wonderful! I'm glad I can celebrate with you!" Anna replied cheerfully.

She loved the way he treated her.

They went out of the room to get snacks, all of Anna's favorite movies, and a speaker so they could listen to music.

"Kristoff wait can you go get some ice cream? I forgot," Anna asked when they got back to the room.

"Anything you want darling," Kristoff replied with a kiss on her hand. She waited for him to leave then closed the door and changed into a little something she bought for Kristoff. First, her pink lace bra then a thong that revealed quite a lot. She giggled slightly when on top of it, she slipped on a see through, short, satin night gown. She sat on the bed and waited his arrival.

"Hey I got that ice-" Kristoff walked in the room and his mouth became dry and he felt a noticeable erection in his pants.

She giggled at the sight of it and came close to him. "So how about a movie?" she asked with a sexy smirk.

"L-l-let's just have music for now," Kristoff stuttered.

"Ok!" She bent over, putting her butt right near him as she grabbed the CD player. He used all his forces to not just grab it. She put on some romantic music and resumed her place, sitting on the bed. He shut the door and locked it.

"Prepare for our lock in," he said as he moved to the bed to sit next to her. They immediately kissed and Kristoff shoved his tongue in her mouth violently. His hand rubbed her very bare leg and she pulled him on top of her. They resumed their kissing and Anna could feel his needed erection on her stomach. She lifted his shirt, revealing his abs which she traced with her fingers as they kissed. She really loved them.

"Kristoff I can ease your need," Anna said as she trailed her finger between his 6-pack down to where his pants started.

"I mean it is a very important date," he said while he slid off her see-through nightgown.

"Mhm," Anna bit her lip tightly. She pulled off his pants and his erection became more noticeable. She slid off his underwear and he ripped off her undergarments.

Kristoff sat upright and looked down at his beautiful girlfriend, her neck with a hickey, her braids a mess. She smiled up at him and he smiled back. They had done this before, but then it was their first time. They were inexperienced, unknowing. But it was different this time. He carefully slid himself into her and she let out a bunch of air. They could feel the heat of their bodies colliding and the power of their love. Kristoff moved in and out of her in swift, hard motions. She groaned louder at each one. She kissed his chest lightly as he did this. He moved deeper, faster, harder into her and she screamed.

"Kristoff you can let go I know you need to," Anna said, she could feel him still holding his erection. He listened to her and let go and she loved it. She always loved that part.

Her orgasm came next and they both felt romantic tension in their bodies. They stayed collided for 20 minutes because they wanted it to be longer than the last time, it most certainly was! He slid out of her and she missed him inside of her but they both suddenly felt extremely tired as they got dressed. Anna got dressed in the dress she wore before her sexy nightgown.

They laid in the bed, their feet where their heads are meant to go as Kristoff put on Anna's favorite movie, Love Actually. Anna fell asleep halfway through on Kristoff and he held her sleeping body gently, to keep the poor shivering girl warm. Ever since Elsa froze her, he's been worried about if she gets too cold. Kristoff soon fell asleep, too and they laid, connected through their embrace. They fit together like a plug and an outlet. They were simply made for each other and they were so happy. They both woke up when the movie ended.

"You wore me out Kristoff," Anna giggled.

"Hey our lock in isn't over yet," Kristoff said and Anna raised an eyebrow sexily.

"What do you mean?"

"I want to study your body. It's so beautiful. I want to know every curve, the places you love to be touched, the cravings you need fulfilled. I want to know you on a deeper level," Kristoff said. Anna was very happy it was someone, somewheres birthday.

"I don't think I have it in me," Anna said as she plopped herself down on the bed so her head was on the pillow.

"Well you don't have to do anything." Kristoff pushed her against the bed and tied her up with a rope and he took a scarf from her closet and covered her eyes. He slid off her clothes and she giggled with excitement for what he was going to do. He touched her anywhere he could. Her breasts, her stomach, waist, butt, legs, face, bottom of her back, etc. He skipped her wet spot though. He was saving that for later. He was trying to study her body. "You're very attractive everywhere Anna. Where did it feel good to be touched?"

"God...everywhere. But he best it felt was right...untie me I'll show you," she said as he untied her and she moved his hand to the side of her butt, on her hip while she rested his fingers on her butt. "Mmm there it is." He tied her up again and kept both hands on each side of her on the spot she wanted to be touched.

"Ok that'll help me."

Suddenly he moved and Anna wondered what he was doing. His head was below her and he was between her legs. Without warning, his tongue licked her tender spot and she jumped at his unexpected lick. He departed his tongue from her and opened her legs as far as they could go. Everything was in front of his face and he loved her body so much. He sucked at her inner thigh and she begged for more. His big, bulky fingers came to her and he suck two inside of her and she jumped but ground against them. He moved his fingers into the spot that made her moan every time they had sex. She did as he planned and she began to moan loudly at the scratch of his fingernails inside of her.

"T-tongue," she stuttered out. He did as wished and kissed around his fingers that moved in and out of her, and when they went in, they went deep. She screamed with enjoyment and she released on his fingers but she didn't want him to stop his swift, comforting movements inside of her. Unfortunately, he did slide his fingers out and they shined from her orgasm. He stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked every last bit of it off and made a pleasured noise and he moved in to lick her again. He couldn't get over her taste. He licked, fast, and bit her which made her scream for more. He moved faster and his strokes became rough and hard against her delicate body. He finally stopped but only to suck at her breasts instead. They were big and bulging and Kristoff had been eyeing them all day. While he sucked at one, his hand move on the other. He stopped kissing her to find she now had a hickey on her breast too.

"You're just covered in hickeys Anna."

"Good. I am unashamed to flaunt my love."

He smiled and kissed her forehead. "I'm tired." He untied her and took off the scarf. She kissed him in appreciation for what he did.

"Thank you. That was great."

"Im glad you enjoyed it."

She giggled. "Do I really taste that good?"

"More than you could imagine." Kristoff kissed her forehead and at that he was asleep. Anna got dressed an fell asleep next to him.

That really was a very important date.

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