Why was I feeling this way, I've never felt this way about some one before. His green eyes pierced into my soul causing me unable to think or speak.......I felt dazed.


1. the party

Why was I feeling this way, I've never felt this way about some one before. His green eyes pierced into my soul causing me unable to think or speak.......I felt dazed.


"What are you going to wear to the back to school party?" Margaret questioned as she scavenged through my closet. Every year Alex smith, the captain of the football team, throws a back to school party. Me and Margaret attend every year and are greeted with a bunch drunk and slutty teenagers. We are seniors now and plan on being one of those dunk and slutty teenagers.

"I don't know, I was just going to leave that up to you" I informed as a popped another chip into my mouth.

"What would you do without me, G?" She shook her head a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top with a funky picture on it."what about this?"

"Why can't I just wear what I have on?" I stood up to show her my outfit. I was wearing a pair of my favorite basketball shorts and a t-shirt with a silhouette of someone dunking. I really couldn't car less what people thought of me, I'm not going to pretend I'm something I'm not.

"Omg, you can not wear that!" Margaret looked shocked."You are wearing this" she shoved the shorts and t-shirt.

"Fine" I finally retreated, she was not going to give in anytime soon. I slipped out of my old clothes and put the funky looking t-shirt on and then the high waisted shorts. The outfit showed off my newly formed tan lines. Margaret shook her head as she untied my tangled brown hair from a ponytail that was done in no less then 10 seconds, she then put my hair in the biggest bun I have ever seen. She then secured back my bangs with a bobby pin revealing my electric blue eyes.

"You need to dress up more often, you look so beautiful" Margaret cried applauding her own work. She then changed her yellow sun dress that ended just above the knees.Margaret has been my best friend since I could remember. She had blond hair that ended at her shoulders and snow skin that looked airbrushed. Her eyes looked like the had been edited into a perfect shade of brown. She was perfect."you drive" she tossed me the keys as we


We arrived at the party 30 minutes late.

"Remind me to never let you drive again"

"At least I got us here, alive" I reassured her. I am probably the worst driver in the world, which Margaret would know if she would just let me drive more often. After today though it looks like I won't be driving for a while.

Right as we entered the party I got a big whiff of alcohol and sweaty teens. It looked as just about everybody who attended new buffalo high school was here. They were either wearing a skimpy swimsuit or nothing at all.

"This is crazy!" Margaret yelled over the loud music."I'm going to go get a drink, you want one?"

"Yeah I'll take a miller light." She walked away toward the cooler right next to table that probably contained drugs on it.

"Well hello there Genevieve." A familiar voice greeted from behind behind her.

I turned to face a boy who had dark brown hair and bright green eyes "hey Dylan"

"You been working on you're game?" He asked nodding his head towards the table topped with red solo cups and ping pong balls, beer pong.

"Last I remember I beat you" I reminded him

"I'm here to avenge myself" he made his way towards the Ping pong table before adding "but let's make it a little interesting this time."

"What do you mean?" I questioned

"Strip beer pong." He continued you hit one of mine I have to drink the beer and take off an item of clothing. I hit one of yours and then you have to drink the beer and take off an item of clothing."

"You're crazy!" I laughed "there is no way I'm doing that"

"You scared?" He accused

"No I just don't want people to have to see your junk." I reassured him.

"Ok chicken." He mocked

"What did you call me?" I gave him a pointed stare.

"Chicken!" He sang "Genevieve's a chicken, Genevieve's a chicken"

"I am not"

"Genevieve's a chicken" he continued

"Fine! I'll do it" I pleaded

He smiled and picked up the first ping pong ball and threw it. It landed perfectly in the cup just to the right of me. He smirked and made a gesture for me to strip. I chugged the beer and took of my shoes (hey they were still on my body). It was my turn I picked up a white ping pong ball and threw it. It bounced off the rim of the cup. I missed. He gave me a toothy smile and throw another ping pong ball. It landed perfectly again. I downed the beer and took off my shorts revealing my striped boy cut panties. I threw another ping pong. I landed in the first cup, yes. He frowned and drank the beer in one big gulp then took off his blue shirt to reveal his abs that looked like they were carved and bronzed skin. I stared....for to long. He caught me staring and smirked. The game went on he hit one, I missed, he missed, I would hit one. This continued until I was left in only my underwear and bra and he only had on his boxers. By this by this time we had gathered a crowd but everyone was to drunk to actually realize what was happening. We both had one cup left. He took his aim and added "So what will it be, your bra or underwear?"

"I'll find out if you get this last cup" I answered with slurred words.

He smiled and squinted to concentrate on the cups. Ding, it hit the rim of the cup and bounced off. He missed, thank goodness. I was my turn, I lifted the ping pong ball into a throwing position. Just as I was about to release someone yelled "Cops!"

Teens were everywhere running from left to right. I tried to look for Margaret but couldn't find her. I sprinted toward the woods. I sat behind a pine tree watching the police officers examine the deserted party.

"Looks like I wasn't the only one that decided running out in the open wasn't a good idea" a voice from behind me chuckled. I turned to see a half naked Dylan slouching next to a bush.

"Great minds think alike!" I joked. I stood up just realizing that I had left my clothes at the party and was only in a bra and underwear. "So I guess we tied!"

"I guess!" He turned and stared straight into my eyes. I suddenly got this warm feeling inside of me that made me want to stick my tongue down his throat."gosh you are beautiful!"

"What" but before I could add he grabbed my chin and pulled my in for one of the best kisses of my entire life. He released my chin and smiled.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that" he was about to pull in for another when Margaret walked up

"G-Genevieve my girl." She slurred she was obviously drunk.

"OMG Margaret are you kidding me!" I couldn't believe that she was ruining this perfect moment."I better take her home Dylan, see ya at school on Monday"

"Can't wait" he chuckled as me and Margaret walked towards the car.

"Did you two kiss?" A drunk Margaret questioned.

"Maybe" I answered

"What, are you two an item know?" She slurred

"I don't know" I confessed and that was the truth I didn't know.

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