Perfect Match


1. Prologue

Louis let out a small giggle, which was completely out of his character. He was the...'tough'? I guess you could say tough, man standing at a whopping height of...5'7. But size doesn't matter, Louis says. Well, some sizes matter but that is completely beside the point. Even with his rather short stature nobody messed with him. He wasn't exactly popular, but rolling into the 2nd semester of your senior year you learn a couple things about how to act in school. Sure his first year or two were...actually he doesn't mention those much. So, why was this 'tough' boy...giggling? Well, you could quite possibly blame it on the worst thing ever to happen to Louis, Harry Styles. Now, we say worst because Harry ruined Louis. He ruined Louis' agreement to not fall in love during high school. He ruined Louis' 'bad boy' reputation, which wasn't really that much of a bad boy, just tough, not easy to get through too. He ruined Louis' life. Everything he did ruined Louis, so why did the short, curvy it? Maybe it was because of the mix of brown curly hair on the top of his head, the lovely green eyes, and the more tall, lenient stature? Maybe it was the way he could lighten Louis' mood, at any given moment? Or the way that Harry broke down Louis' walls, to create the trust Louis had never had before? All of things we're perfect examples on why Louis Tomlinson was head over heels in love with this dorky boy. There were very minimal things that they didn't know about each other. And Harry's one thing, was kind of a big one.

You see, Harry's not even gay, to say it straight. He asked Louis out for some April Fools Day joke like any other asshole teenager, but didn't have the heart to say never mind. Since then his friends have been on his back about breaking this boy's heart, and breaking up with him. They all thought it was a complete joke. What was Harry suppose to do? Today is the day he's supposed to make that move and break up with him, but he's not entirely positive he can. Is he supposed to just throw away the one relationship that actually has potential to be something? He couldn't lose his reputation of the heart breaker by being, he invited Louis out of a date, for their year anniversary, the statement 'I have something special planned for our anniversary, let's go!' Is the statement that made Louis Tomlinson giggle.

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