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This, my dear friends, is were I will be reviewing anime and happily watching one at your request so I can tell you what it's like.

I'm going to take most of the bad/good things and cram it all in to a page.
Your welcome.

(btw this is Elle, not Caitlin)

Please thank River Summers for my AMAZING cover!


28. Sword Art Online (SL)



Sao, Sao, Sao... where should I start, lets see.


Okay intro into the world, Kazuto a gamer who just got the latest game called Sword Art Online, the way you play is by wearing a virtual reality helmet and playing in the game. But then everything becomes serious when everyone who logged in isn't able to log out, cos there is no log out button, and if anyone in the real world tries to remove the helmet forcibly the players brains are microwaved by the helmet. What's worse is if you die in the game, the same thing will happen.


Anyway that's how SAO started off. I loved it from the first episode, the whole world of SAO, virtual reality, sci-fi-fantasy cross was epic. I'm a gamer too, and this got me good. But sadly this only lasted half a season.


Rating for first half of first season 8/10, an amazing art, good sci-fi-fantasy game anime.


Problem came after, the creators tried to shift the genre, from sci-fi-fantasy, to romance and protecting, it was no longer about the game, and that kinda lost it for me. SAO was only the first half of season one, second half involved a wild chase of love, and had nothing to do with leveling up or getting stronger, that's what happened. The main character stopped growing. 


Rating overall 5/10, main character stops growing as a player. Genre is shifted to romance-sci-fi-fantasy. Not a good move.


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