Anime Reviews

This, my dear friends, is were I will be reviewing anime and happily watching one at your request so I can tell you what it's like.

I'm going to take most of the bad/good things and cram it all in to a page.
Your welcome.

(btw this is Elle, not Caitlin)

Please thank River Summers for my AMAZING cover!


20. New Co-Author!

Hi! I'm DragonSoulJess, the new co-author who has waited a month before announcing my existence because #laziness and #artGCSE and #whyamIhashtagging?

I'm pretty busy, so I won't be updating as much as lolly sisters, but I love anime and I'm really glad I could add to this. <3 I've just finished one anime, and I'm on another two now, so hopefully I'll be able to post some reviews soon. I'll put DSJ in the title of my reviews, so you'll be able to tell who it is. :)

So anyway.


And now bye.


(Also, I adore Marco Bodt from Attack on Titan. Yes, I have seen episode 13, and without spoiling anything, I am happy to discuss theories with any of you down below. #Mess)





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