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This, my dear friends, is were I will be reviewing anime and happily watching one at your request so I can tell you what it's like.

I'm going to take most of the bad/good things and cram it all in to a page.
Your welcome.

(btw this is Elle, not Caitlin)

Please thank River Summers for my AMAZING cover!


24. Diabolik Lovers: More Blood (LS)



I'm sorry, but the last time I can remember thinking about this anime it was along the lines of "It will never have a second season. Surely not."

WELL I'LL BUY YOU ALL PIES because I was wrong. 

Are they even allowed to make a second season, I really don't know but I can tell you that Ayato's got my heart and ain't giving it to no one.


So recently I was scrolling through my dear anime list and I noticed something very strange. There was a anime called "Diabolik Lovers: More Blood."


*Cue banging head on table*

After it came out I watched it (all 7 episodes at the moment) and I was SO DESPERATE to see Yui get rescued that I watched episode 8 without subtitles (it was totally worth it by the way.)


There is just one issue I have with the second season. Why was Ayato THE ONLY ONE LOOKING FOR YUI?! I THOUGHT THEY MIGHT HAVE MIDLY CARED. UGH. VAMPIRE BOYS ARE SO ANNOYING.

So the plot runs along the lines of Yui being kidnapped by other random, stunning vampire males who say that she is Eve and they suck her blood. I think I've covered it.


Does anyone else think the voice actor for Yui was in the studio for like an hour just recording THE SAME LINES OVER AND OVER? Cause I'm pretty sure they did.


Genre: Vampires, Sick twisted romance, reverse harem?


Rating: 3/10 - Why three? Because of Ayato, my bae.


If you actually like this go watch brothers conflict, dance with the devils and Amensia THEN come speak to me.

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